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Hi, I'm a really new Switch


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Hi there, everyone!


I'm a boy, but mainly a little princess at heart.

I'm really new to ddlg or any other type of other kinky roleplay. I never really grew up so I'm happy I found this place. I really enjoy watching pre-school cartoons while I'm cosy in bed. My favorites are Sofia the First, Nella The Princess Knight, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Ruby and Kitty is not a Cat. I also really like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I love reading children's books and how reading myself to sleep at night makes me feel like a kid again. My favorite picture books are Vampirina Ballerina, Zombelina, Dream Animals, Wonderful Things You Will Be and Tea for Ruby. I'm a big Disney fan and all their songs in movies or series fill me with pure emotion. I really like hugs and like to sleep hugging one of my stuffed animals. I like imagining myself wearing dresses, but I don't own any and besides I still live with mother and she would never understand. What I'd like more than dresses is all sorts of cute pajamas. I really like the carefree aesthetics of pajama parties and sleepovers.


Pretty much I like all sorts of activities which make me think I'm a little girl but in the same time I have a strong caretaker side. I want to spoil a little princess of mine. I bare affection to the cute and innocent. I want to cuddle and embrace someone in a big protective hug. My love goes beyond reaching a more intimate side even. I don't like the more hardcore stuff, but I like more intimate cuddles and softer adult stuff.


Overall I'm a kid who would much enjoy the company of a kindred soul. I guess I like more of a Little/Little or Middle/Little play, but I wouldn't mind being a daddy or a little in a ddlg. I suppose I prefer more of a caretaker role, but in the same time I'm still more of a kid myself. So in the end maybe I don't know where I stand exactly.

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