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♡ Bonjour!

Princess Aurora

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Howdy! My name is Nicole (Or Aurora) and I'm a little girl! My favorite petnames are princess, babygirl and kitten.


Here are some random facts about me:


☆ I speak three languages: Brazillian Portuguese, English and Korean. I learned English and Korean by myself. I'm a smart little girl! :3


☆ I'm scawed of stuffies! Don't know why, but they freak me out!!!


☆ Guess what? I'm 100% brat and 0% dom/daddy!


☆ My favorite Disney movie is Brave or Mulan, but my favorite Disney princess is Aurora. That's why my name here is Princess Aurora!


I think that's enough 'cause I don't wanna bore you to death! Have a good day, my friend~

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