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Hey everyone! Little Canadian here :)


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Hi! My name's Ele and I'm a little! I first got into DDLG about 2.5 years ago in my teens and, now that I'm an adult, I'm allowing myself to browse the community a bit. I'm also trying to get rid of some shame and guilt that I feel for being little and regressing in general, so this seems like a good step :) I consider myself taken, as I have a non-sexual DDLG long-distance sort of thing going on. But! Some basic info:


- I'm super Canadian and super patriotic! All hail the maple leaf.

- I don't have a set little age but I like pacis, colouring, decorating and trying on dresses!

- Very much a brat! Rules are meant to be broken. (My CG's way too nice to me, bless his soul)

- I'm studying psychology and hope to practice clinically in about a decade :) Would LOVE to specialize in kink and paraphilias.

- Let's chat whenever!


Super nice to meet you all :) 

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