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Hello! Long-time ABDL, recently discovered my Little side and DDLG


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Hey there!


I've been an ABDL for ages, but have only in the past couple years learned more about what it means to want to be a Little and be in a DDLG type relationship.  I'm eager to explore this with other people and so I've been starting to get more active online.  


Up until about a year or so ago I was not very active online at all.  I had a Tumblr but only reblogged things I liked and had no original content.  Eventually that changed after I moved into my own apartment and began having the means to explore my kink on my own and in private.  I've always known I was an ABDL-- it started when I was seven, and once I started high school I learned about what it meant to have a diaper fetish after exploring it online.  I didn't engage in any sort of online communities then, only learned about things on my own.  I kept things hidden and didn't physically explore this side of me much up until the end of college, when I was able to start buying things for myself.  Over the past year or so I've learned so much about the greater Kink community- certain etiquette, what all the different acronyms mean, stuff like that.  In the process I've learned so much more about myself, and I'm ready to share my new life with other people, in small or big ways.  Real quick in case anyone is wondering: I'm male, 23, Pansexual, and a Little.


I've been relatively active now on my Tumblr for at least a year, and have had a lot of fun getting involved on the ABDL reddit over the past several months.  But I wanted to zero-in on finding that nice DDLG relationship I'm looking for, and was recommended this forum, so here I am!  


I'll be posting something in the Personals soon.  

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