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Well I don’t really know how to fill this one out. I’m really not sure how to just go on talking about myself.


I’m 29 and I’m a college student. I’m a doctors kid so unfortunately I’m probably more spoiled than I should be and have been afforded a lot of things in life.


I love the performing arts. I have been on a stage ever since I could walk. The stage feels like home to me. I also love to ride horses. They are beautiful creatures :)


Let’s see maybe we can do some random facts:

1. I’m double jointed

2. I have had meningitis TWICE

3. I had my appendix out.

4. I had four back surgeries in 6 months.

5. I’m more stubborn than a bull.




I look forward to getting to know everybody

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Nice start to get a little bit of who you are.  Tell us more about what you are looking for, your hopes, dreams and desires.  You've been through a lot and sometimes that gives one a lot of insight.  A really interesting person to say the least.  This is a real broad group so good chance you will find who or what you are looking for.

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