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Here is a quick bullet list of me:

. My trade is a computer monkey. I develop web based applications as a freelancer.

. My sense of humor is twisted.

. I am fascinated by most topics from microbiology to quantum physics to why is the grass green and sky blue.

. I have a deep passion for interacting with others. Guys, girls, and even seniors; all of which have amazing stories to tell from their experiences.


My philosophy on life is that if you aren't hurting anyone and it isn't illegal, and the latter is subjective sometimes, then enjoy yourself. Most of my views, thoughts and theories do not coincide with the rest of society. Not to say that I don't fit in. Seems to be the best way to not ruffle any feathers or land yourself in jail...LOL


About Me Physically:

I am 6' tall and currently just under 250. I am diligently working on losing the rest of the weight. I have come a long way and eventually I will get rid of this belly. I am cut and hung fairly well and truly derive pleasure from getting my partner off... Enjoy being a daddy and looking for someone to grow and play with.

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