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Hi, less-experienced Daddy; wading into the deep end.


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Hi. nice to be here. My names Steven. I've participated in BDSM, but the violence for the sake of violence was never a good thing for me, where punishments weren't sacred or for a purpose.. being a Daddy has always been a desire of mine, but any local group I've participated in has had a BIG stigma against the DDLG community. (dont' know why) so anyways, my main hope here is to make friends and move beyond "playing" over internet chat. Anyways, enough about what brings me here today.


   My name is Steven. I identify as a Daddy, i'm a cisgender male, and am sexually attracted to females, but see a difference between sexual attraction and the Big/Little dynamic, because male littles are still awesome and fun.


hobbies: gardening, anime, Dungeons and Dragons.

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