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I don't think I did an intro.


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I'm Jumin also known as Saga. I'm a daddy/dom in a busy never sleeps New York. I was born in Japan but moved to New York for a better life and start all over again. I'm an artist and can find my Deviantart on my profile (to lazy to post it here) and hope to publish my first book. I enjoy listening to music, talk to people on the internet, reading, and staying away from the outside world.


I am here to make friends, whatever that is, with the same interests. Or at least, try. I don't believe in friendship. Nor I believe I am a good friend. But if you still want to be 'friends' - sure.


Likes: Sarcasm, art, intelligent people, creativeness with bits of uniqueness, flowers except for roses, coffee, red wine, fruits and veggies, manga, anime, books, mind games.


Dislikes: Idiots, natural born haters, envy, greed, egoism, attention suckers, copycats, strawberries, dark chocolate, carrots, eggs, cold weather, curiosity, humans,betrayal, romance.


I'm an open minded honest person. I don't get hurt easily but if I do, you wouldn't notice until I decide so.


So.. Yup.


One more thing

I'm in a relationship and not interested in dating other people on this website. Please, don't hit on me. My girlfriend, Mintcake, is on this site. She is my IRL little/girlfriend.)

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