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Hi I'm a new little!


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Hey everyone! I'm Nat (you can call me Natty if you wanna :D) and I'm a little who is very very new to ddlg!


I'm an 18 year old cis girl who is pansexual and I'm currently in a relationship with a wonderful Dom, and I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect than him.


I'm super duper excited to make friends and learn new things :)


Thanks to anyone who is reading this!!!  <3  <3  <3

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Welcome to the forums :)

Thank you ashwee!!


Hi Natty, welcome to the forum!

Thank you CuddleMonster, hehe I love your name!


With an avatar like I'm sure you're wonderful so welcome from a relative newcomer too.

Aww thank you so much :D if you're a newcomer too then I should also welcome you! Welcome Joanne!!


Welcome! Your Taylor Swift icon is really cute with the kitty add-ons and all.

Eeeee thank you! I love her a lot haha, I think she's super cute


Hi Natty! Welcome :)

Thank you SnowAndSun!!!

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