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Coffee lover reporting in


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My name is Tzu, how do you do?


I can be cutesy and say I'm 22 years "young" but I'm not going to do that lol.


I'm a FtM who's into guys.  I'm also into hip hop dance, martial arts, anything with an engine, Drum N Bass music, the field of medicine, caffienes, fire performance and pyro performance, tats, and butt pats.


I've been told I'm domly despite being a diaperbutt and a little/ageplayer. In my muggle life, I'm not very submissive. 


If monies weren't an issue, I'd perform for a living.  I'd compete in martial arts and dance/pyro perform for audiences.  I like to ponder a lot within the lines of philosophy. I'm what they call a "stoic" person.


I'm here to talk it up some, and possibly meet some local friends.  If anything special or sparkly happens, I'll take it from there.


Thank you for your time.

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