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Guest blue_y

Hi everyone, I'm blue_y from Ireland!


I'm new to these forums, but not new to learning about cg/l. Hopefully I'll further my knowledge a little more by taking part in the discussion here on the site. Since I'm a Mommy, I'm particularly interested in learning from other caregivers (and also what littles think about caregiving too). 


My favourite hobby is reading. I love and adore books of all types and varieties, so you can usually find me skulking in a bookshop/library. Other than that, I like geeking out about comics, manga, Star Wars and Doctor Who - to name just a few. Another fact about me is that I quite enjoy Medieval History. 


As a Mommy, I sometimes feel like I'm a niche within a niche. So I am really hoping I come across genuine people to chat to especially those involved in either side of md/lb or md/lg. 







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