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I am a 20-year-old girl living with my boyfriend with whom I have experienced different kinds of sexual kinks, but when I am in little space, we both act like I am just a little girl, which leads to no sexual activities of any kinds. My little self has no idea what sex is. I will be visiting this forum only when in little state therefore I might misspell something or get too excited. Some of the things I state about myself are imaginary (my school for example) but when we play it seems real and makes me happy.


Heeeeeey everyone! 

My name is Tea (yeah like a drink!) but you can also call me Belle because she is my favorite Disney princess ok!! :D I live with my Daddy, who adopted me, in London, and I go to London's School for Princesses and Ballerinas, where I dance ballet and learn colors, spelling, numbers etc. Oh, right, I am 6 years old already!!

We have a parrot named Dita, and two guinea pigs Panda and Eve. I love them all, and my parrot lets me pet her all the time and we sing together. I have two stuffies named Clarck and Molly. Clarck is a tiger from yohoo and friends, and Molly is a monkey. I collect My Little Pony figures and of course Shopkins, Shopkiiiiiiiiiiiiins!! Whenever I get good grades, Daddy gets me Shopkins and you know what? I have 31 Shopkins already! ♥♥ Okay, so in my spare time, I play AnimalJam (@lepoticabela), color, and watching Youtube videos. My favorite videos are frommmmm................. Cookie Swirl C!! Oh and I am a vegetarian. :3

I will be answering some of the Tumblr  questions down below so that you can get to know me better because I have so much to say!! Ok.


1- Do you currently have a Big? Yes

2- What age do you identify as? 6
3- Do you identify as a little girl or a little boy? A girl!
4- Do you have an area in your home for little space? Well my bedside. 
5- Pacifer- yes or no? No, I am too old!!
6- Top 3 favorite little cartoons. Beauty and the Beast, MLP, Shopkins
7- Who’s your favorite stuffie? Both of them
8- What do you call your Big? Daddy or Dad
9- What’s the last picture you colored? A pirate!!!
10- How many stuffies do you have? 2
11- Whats your favorite little space meal? Eggs!
12- How do you dress up for little space? No special clothes, but I put my glitery bracelets sometimes! I have 5!
13- Who in your life knows about your lifestyle? No one, no oneee
14- Markers, crayons or colored pencils? Colored pencils
15- Do you have a blankie? Yes!
16- Whats your favorite little space drink? Coke because I don't get to drink it all the time, Daddy says it's bad and to sweet. I like sweet. 
17- Have you ever been on a playdate with another little? No! There are no other Littles in my area that I know of. And also I am shy. c:
18- What do you love most about your Big? He is loving and caring and he loves toys!!
19- Do you use punishments in your house? If so, what? No. 
20- Whats your favorite board or card game? Uno! Uno! Or Don't Get Angry, a board game, but with Shopkins as figures, ofc. 

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Welcome Tea! Love your intro I just started watching Cookie Swirl C and now I want shopkins.. O-o

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