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Lovley send a nice "Hello"! =)


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Good Morning, lovley Community 


I'm new in this forum. You can call me Lovley - just because I like it more than my real Name. I'm from Germany, NRW. My Village (or little City) is called Siegen and it's near to Köln. Here I life with my Husband/Daddy and my little Daugther. And also two cats called Akay and Goethe - they a little bit crazy, but we love them. =)

I'm 22 years old. 


Me and my Man in a relationship for two years and with him I get the first contact with DD/LG - Relationships. I had never heared of things like that before - but I find out, that I like it much. Not all the time, not always in bed - but often. If good a favorite stuffie - he is called Charles von Teddington and it's a Teddy, that I had get for my first birthday from my family. He's not very schick anymore, but he's my best friend about many many years. 


My hobbies are very very much! 
My Man and I in reeanactment, in survival, in bdsm, in gothic and I think in a lot of things more, that don't want to come to my mind! I also like reading, riding, writing storys, listen to music (love music!), practing witchcraft, playing with my daugther, going out in the woods, go shopping (It's a pity that it is so expensiv and that you need money for that... :( ). I like hand writed letters. And I LOVE Candys - (poor, that you can see it on my body... :$).



I don't know what more to tell you about me. So...if you had any questions feel free to ask me! 

Bye and cuddle,


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