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Hello Everyone

Big Daddy D

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I guess I should have started here. I signed up only to respond to a post I came across, but im still here so I guess I should at least introduce myself.


I've been DL for as long as I can remember, and like everyone else here I'm sure, the day I learned from the internet that I wasn't alone or some kind of freak was probably the most comforting day of my life.


Recently, I left my wife and a 16 year absolutely miserable marriage. I dedicated myself to finding the perfect girl for me. I deserved better, and I deserved to be happy. I'm not a real social guy, so I decided to try online dating. I knew I wanted someone who also enjoyed a part-time ABDL lifestyle, preferably a little who wanted a Daddy.


I've had a pretty Vanilla life so FetLife was a bit over the top for me. So, I put a profile on Plenty Of Fish that was just open and honest and explained the DDLG lifestyle and exactly what I was looking for. I was pretty sure I'd just get banned, but my profile was tasteful.


It was actually really fascinating how many women were curious enough to talk to me, most thought the idea of being a Little sounded really nice and even led to some role play through texting. However, most weren't ready for anything but the fantasy and I was looking for my forever girl.


I did find her though. I explained this in another post, when we first connected she told me she was AB and had been in a DDLG relationship before, but we didn't talk about it much. We knew it was something we shared, but we focused on getting to know eachother and developed really feelings first, which is what made our connection successful.


The reason I share this is because I am happier than I've ever been. She really is an amazing person, and it's a great feeling to be with someone who never judges and that you can just share all your crazy thoughts with. I mentioned I was also DL, but I'm not a little and my little is not a Mommy. We just call it "Daddy being silly". I'm also not dominant at all, my Princess just gets spoiled rotten. Daddy does what she wants. Lol


I'm always searching the interweb thingy for cute little outfits and diapers for her, and that's actually how I stumbled across this forum. I won't be the most active member here, but I think I'll keep visiting. You seem like a friendly enough bunch.

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