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    New and Want to Learn About Being Little

    little need a daddy princess

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    #1 giraffecuddles



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    Posted 05 May 2018 - 05:33 PM

    Age: 20
    Role: Little, princess
    Location: AZ
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Looking for: Daddy/Dom
    Relationship preference: Monogamous


    • As you can see from my picture I am fair skinned with dark hair and eyes
    • I am 5'7", unfortunately. I wish I was a lot smaller...also not the thinnest. I have some major curve to me.
    • I am very sweet and lovable. I care more about making others happy than myself and will do anything to make you smile!
    • I am INCREDIBLY clingy and needy but I don't think that's a bad thing if the person I'm with is accepting of it. I don't like being left alone and would prefer doing most things together. With that being said, I don't mind if someone is busy or has a job, that is a part of life.
    • I am very cuddly and will find any excuse to be near you or in your arms. I also hate sleeping alone...if I wake up and we aren't touching then I guess you become little spoon cuz I need to touch you.


    • PUZZLES! - I could honestly sit at a table all day and do puzzles. This is my absolute favorite thing to do and I love it more when someone wants to do them with me. Anything around 2,000 tiny pieces or more will make my entire day! I love the ones with animals on them!!
    • CUDDLES! - If you're not busy and you're not cuddling me then something is wrong. That is what makes me feel the most loved and I feel the most intense rejection when cuddles are denied. If you can't cuddle you're not for me.
    • READING - Novels get me through the times when reading textbooks for school makes me incredibly stressed. Reading what I want to read makes me feel better.
    • HELPING PEOPLE - I am in school to become a nurse so naturally I love helping people. Seeing homeless people breaks my heart and I feel a strong urge to make other's lives easier.
    • ANIMALS - I have many pets and always plan on having pets. Kitties and small fuzzy animals like bunnies and hamsters keep me alive. I need them when I am home alone and need a companion. I also love going to pet stores and looking at the animals for fun. And petting them if I can!


    • A GUY! I am straight as it gets. I went through a phase and didn't enjoy it. I am more of a submissive and don't like to be in charge so a daddy would be best for me.
    • PREFERENCES - I don't think it's bad to have preferences and I don't think it makes you shallow. Everyone likes what they like. I like guys that are taller than me, preferable more than a few inches. Like 6' or taller. I've always loved dark hair but I am open to all hair and eye colors. I have a strong attraction to facial hair as well, although it is not necessary. I am not big on the really bulky, muscley type guys. Tone and definition is one thing but 8-pack abs is a completely different, scary thing. Plus it would make me insecure because I am not the smallest.
    • Someone sensitive. I have always been so unfortunate as to end up with guys who think girls are just dramatic and that we should bottle up our feelings and keep them to ourselves. I like to talk, A LOT. And I have a lot of feelings that I would love to share with you. If you don't think you could handle that, don't let me get attached and then break my heart when you've had too much.


    When looking at friend requests, I tend not to add too many people who don't have pictures or have very plain profiles. I feel that those who are really trying to reach out and find a little will put decent effort into building themselves a profile that gives some insight into who they are for those who could potentially be talking to them. That being said, take some time to build your online presence and show us who you are. I know you are beautiful :)

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    #2 Mr.alex



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    Posted 27 May 2018 - 01:02 PM

    Hi my name is alex and I am very interested in teaching u and getting u more in touch with ur little side i have been in the lifestyle now for 4 years and i am very exsprance I am easygoing but strict when needed I love to listen to what my little girl has to say and hear her talk about her day also I love to talk u through situations and be there for when u need my help so if u want to talk send me a message or kik at bcla740 look forward to hearing from u soon
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    #3 Guest_Professor Optics_*

    Guest_Professor Optics_*
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    Posted 28 May 2018 - 04:30 AM

    Deleted due to no response...

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    #4 Guest_Daddy707_*

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    Posted 10 June 2018 - 01:07 PM

    I have read your post several times. You seem very interesting. I have previously sent a friend request. If you would like to talk you can add me. Even if I'm not what your searching for I could be a good friend and guide if you needed. I like to be nurturing and supportive and attentive. Don't mind clingy at all and enjoy when someone can talk and tell me anything and everything. Have a great day!
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    #5 giraffecuddles



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    Posted 11 June 2018 - 09:53 AM

    Hello guys! I have enjoyed reading your comments and didn't realize it would be proper of me to reply. So for that, I apologize. I tend to get to know people in the forum chat room, that's where I make many of my friends. I spend more time in there as those are the more talkative, outgoing people, in my personal opinion. I can get to know a little about someone in there before adding them and that makes me a bit more comfortable. I will add each of you if I have not already and talk to you, give us the chance to get to know each other :)

    #6 regands



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    • LocationNorth Carolina, USA

    Posted 25 June 2018 - 02:03 AM

    Hi there. You seem to be along the lines of what I'm looking for! I am a loving and protective daddy who's learning more about this lifestyle. I am in college pursuing a degree in accounting. I am patient but I am also strict when I need to be. I have a ton of free time so I can give lots of attention and affection. I'd love to chat with you and see how it goes. :)

    #7 giraffecuddles



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    Posted 26 June 2018 - 02:48 PM

    Thank you regands for your reply! :) I'll be sure to message you personally and get to know you

    #8 DaddyDom3238


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    Posted 26 June 2018 - 03:12 PM

    Hi Cuddles,
    I am a daddy/dom who always puts my littles happiness first. I have been in the lifestyle for over 10 years. I love cuddling, nurturing, and making you feel safe. I do set rules of course and do expect them to be followed, however those are discussed and agreed to by both involved. I live in California and would love to talk a bit if you would like.
    I look foward to hearing from you.
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    #9 novadesu


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    Posted 19 July 2018 - 04:57 PM

    hey there i am a 20 year old dom and i would love to get to now you you seem really sweet and amazing.

    i have bin a dom for 2 years now and am looking for a long term sub since i want something that lasts long.

    so yeah i would love to talk to you and get to know you.


    i know my profile doesnt meet the standarts you want but i hope you will still want to get to know me ^^

    #10 Guest_DeOriginalMittens_*

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    Posted 17 August 2018 - 10:15 AM

    I can relate to you on a very strong and personal level. Cuddling for me is extremely important. I may have a life, but I love attention myself. I would give up anything I was doing just to cuddle because I love it. Everything you said really stood out and seems amazing. I'm not perfect, no one is, and with accepting that, I have become patient, accepting, and willing to endure all things. This may be silly but I also love the fact you love facial hair, it's rare to see these days, and I rather like it short and trimmed. You can check my gallery for better pictures. Well, I would say, check my profile out, I also put in an add with more information my profile doesn't have. I typically hang out in the chat, but I guess we miss each other in there, most members know me by name.. Well by DOM which is an abbreviation of my name and a shortened version of my real name (Dominic) and I am a daddy dom hehe. I can be silly, I can be playful, I am doting, I love to spoil. I have a compassionate and caring heart and will always defend the underdog. I have a dream I am currently chasing after I would love to tell you about it on kik or in messages on here if you want. I love animals, I love kids, and I am always helping people. I will help homeless people, or those in need. I can be busy, I work myself to the bone, I love to work and am hard working, and I love to spend my money on my little, I dote hard which makes me seem weak or not a stern daddy, but I have a lot of stern traits. I put my littles health above everything else, the second most important is her happiness. I do like structure, I like routine sometimes. I don't like them to be boring, I make daily routines like brushing your teeth getting ready for bed to be a bit more playful or fun, than monotonous, but when rules are broken or bratty attitudes come out, I can be stern. Never mean, I am fair, I can admit my wrongs, and I am willing to change to better myself and to grow with my partner. I may be on the older side unfortunately (30) however I cannot control or change age. It is a natural thing that occurs that really sucks! I am the type of daddy that will get in a pink tutu and have a tea party with his little girl. I will play with dolls and dress up and all that. I love to give massages, I LOVE talking on the phone or being on video call. I work 8p.m -4a.m Central (texas) time and I am able to talk on the phone, texting is harder since my job requires use of my hands, but I always find and make time for my partner. I am willing to move and relocate in the future if things go well. 

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    #11 WorldBestDaddy



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    Posted 15 April 2019 - 01:24 AM

    Hey i saw your post you seem pretty nice and sweet.
    Let me introduce myself
    Relationship preference:Mono

    Hi, I'm from Singapore and I was looking for a sweet and nice girl to be my little.

    I enjoy cooking, gymming and travelling. I gym about 3-5times a week depending on how busy I am. I am a uni student btw, so I do get pretty busy from my schedule. Im pretty short for an asian guy at 168cm.

    I hope to have a clingy little that would always text me and is looking for a serious relationship

    Just PM me and give me you kik username if you are interested.

    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    100% Rigger
    100% Master/Mistress
    99% Degrader
    98% Switch
    91% Dominant
    66% Owner
    65% Exhibitionist
    63% Primal (Hunter)
    60% Submissive
    58% Sadist
    54% Experimentalist
    53% Non-monogamist
    52% Vanilla
    50% Voyeur
    43% Daddy/Mommy
    40% Brat tamer
    39% Brat
    36% Rope bunny
    31% Slave
    8% Degradee
    4% Masochist
    2% Primal (Prey)
    1% Pet
    0% Ageplayer
    0% Boy/Girl

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