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I could if I really wanted reprint the original from 2015 but that would be pretty boring but I'm a little/middle hovering around 9 thru 12 who likes colouring, anime, playing with toys, plushies reading, music and playing on my swing.

I took a break during a turbulent period on site -and that's all I need to say -  and am heavily into regression which given my disabilities is less acting little so much as arising from my natural child-like state which thankfully is understood on more groan up music sites as classical music in particular does really brings that side to the fore.

I do Tumblr the address is listed but it is within the Liltot/CglRE community being purely regressive so to follow your Tumblr would need to be non DD/lg and definitely very SFW skipping over three years of Tumblr age regression related discourse and my 'Do Not Interact if 'is as is the community norm is listed on my Before You Follow.

I do have blogs to which the full listing is on my Profile which *may* be familiar to Child Of Light being more or less the same as one at a.n. other site (ouch!) they know and cos that's all Blogger non of the Tumblr stuff applies. Yay!


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