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hiiiii... *waves*


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I just became part of this community a few months ago, so still trying to figure out whats going on hehe... dont bite!


I am cindy, and im 18 years old. I have not had a real daddy yet :(( I found about this lifestyle on tumblr (what a surprise) and instantly knew this is something I should explore!


I think my little age is around 9-10 so not too young, although I do enjoy my paci once in a while hehehe


I love coloring, watching films (both big girl and little girl ones), and baking is my favourite!


I am not a 24 hour little, I like being a big girl too! I am currently studying at university, so I am not looking for a serious relationship and preferably long distance for now seeing as I am so busy.


Please talk to me if you want :) I will give you lots of hugs I promise!!  :wub: 


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