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Hello From North Carolina


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Hi Hi my names Angel I also like to go by Wolfie I'm 25 and I'm very much a little with a big heart I've always been a little but just recently embraced it and came out thanks to all my great friends help I'm not so scared of it anymore. I'm a very shy person still till I gets to know you then I open up. For the most part I am a hyper bouncy 3 year old little I love my little space very much it allows me to be myself and I am able to be myself here thanks to all of my friends and no judgement just because I like a pac,i my onesies, my sippy, and my stuffies. I am potty trained but I do have the occasional accident. I loves to color, trace, read books, watch my cartoons and disney, cuddle, pway wif friends, and I loves my preschool on here berry much! I is looking for more wittle friends I not had many and it's hard to finds them in public cause people's like to judge a for they understand somethings.

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