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(fanfair music plays, colorful confetti falls) Introducing B-I-G DADDY C-UDD-L-E-S-!-!!!!

Big Papi Cuddles

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I love my name because it truly describes my DD/bg style. But a little history first. I may very well be the YOUNGEST DD ever! AND it happened quite accidentally. I was a freshman, in our high school marching band. I was a cute short (4'7") tuba player. One day just joking around the hottest senior french horn player was talking loud. I said something like, who's your daddy? She said what? This time i said Im your daddy! Daddy says be quite, others are trying to study. She listened! I was expecting a stfu, but instead i got obedience. In an even crazier way, she had like 8 other friends and they all listened to me! They had boyfriends but if i said hey daddies thirsty, they would fight over who would get me a soda! I could even go up to them while making out with their BF and say daddy needs a hug and they would hug me! Their boy friends would get mad but they'd explain i was their cute daddy. They all pitched in and got me a t-shirt at 6 flags great america that had a panther on front and daddy on the back! What did i do for them, LISTEN,mass quantities of hugs! Lots of group hugs. I just considered myself lucky. Just got out of 22+ yr. Marriage with a low key kink but i want more. I miss being a dd but im rusty now! Not into the diapers and paci's i just want complete and utter obedience! I want her to COMPLETELY rely on me for her every need.I provide wisdom, and and never ending cuddles and attention. I want to dress her in cute clothes and shower her with attention! Does this have a different name then DD/lg. I define this as DD/bg, right?


All i know is im looking for ultra obedient bg to really dominate!

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