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    Video games gaming xbox ps4 stardew valley games videogame overwatch littles minecraft

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    #21 Caldrarin


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    Posted 04 September 2018 - 10:44 AM

    Platform: (e.g. xbox, playstation, android, iphone etc) All
    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC
    Looking to play: anything
    Time Zone: eastern
    Country: US
    Favourite Genre: Strategy / RPG / RTS
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: (e.g Fallout, Bioshock, Borderlands, COD, Animal Crossing) Zelda, Fallout, Pokemon Go, FInal Fantasy, Command and Conquer, WoW, BatMUD, Eve Online and soo many more
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: (e.g. Melee, Ranged, Healer, Magicka/Mana etc) Pally / Tank

    #22 Guest_LeftyGuitar_*

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    Posted 04 September 2018 - 03:21 PM

    I don't play online very much, but I find it enjoyable frome time to time. I'm more of a single player game, but multiplayer is fun from time to time. I also like local co-op or couch co-op as some call it.


    Platform: Xbox 360, PS4,3DS,PC/Steam (Other retro game consoles)
    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC
    Looking to play: Anything fun, TF2,Yakuza 0, Dragon's Crown, Retro games, the list goes on
    Time Zone: Pacific Time (West Coast, WA State)
    Country: United States
    Favourite Genre:Action-RPG,Shooter,Brawler,Puzzle,Action/Adventure,JRPG
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong Country, Wolfenstein,Doom,Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy,GTA, tons more
    Favourite DLC: None
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: None
    Gamertags: PM if you wanna know them, PS4,Xbox 360,PC,3DS.

    #23 blackglitterbaby101


      Little Princess PS4 Gamer

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    Posted 10 September 2018 - 09:57 AM

    Platform: ps4

    Looking to play: ark, minecraft, gta, bo3 zombies

    Time Zone: Central Daylight Time

    Country: United States

    Favourite Genre: idk...

    Favourite All-time Games/Series: bo3

    Favourite DLC:  idk

    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: ranged

    Gamertags:  xxUnicornxx100

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    #24 thejellybeangiant


      The Beastly Giant

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    Posted 12 September 2018 - 01:22 PM

    Platform: playstation, 3ds, switch
    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC, but don't use it often
    Looking to play: Destiny 
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
    Country: USA
    Favourite Genre: FPS
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, Destiny, Batman
    Favourite DLC: Destiny 2: Forsaken
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Close to midrange, sniper
    Gamertags: PM Me

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    #25 sakura_bunny



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    Posted 14 September 2018 - 11:24 PM

    YAYYYYY i so so want gamey friends



    Platform: PC 
    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC
    Looking to play: Black Desert Online! and negotiable to others
    Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard time
    Country: Australia
    Favourite Genre: RPG
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Pokemon c: and spyro
    Favourite DLC: Sims hahaha
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Close combat/melee or Beasts/Summoned creatures. And life skills!


    Discord is Bunny#9158

    Black Desert is Sakura_Bunny (family name Smolpeach)


    Please message on discord and say hi! :) i love having people to chat to

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    #26 TheDesertRat



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    Posted 21 February 2019 - 10:43 AM

    Platform: PS4 All
    PC/Mac (if applicable):
    Looking to play: anything
    Time Zone: BST (England)
    Country: UK
    Favourite Genre: Shooters/MMO/RPG
    Favourite All-time Game/series: Gears Of War
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Always nord/orc, offensive, medic class, SMGs etc, never snipers

    PSN: LiamVengeance

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    #27 Guest_BabyGirlJesenia_*

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    Posted 21 February 2019 - 01:10 PM

    Platform: PlayStation, xbox, 3ds, and pc games
    PC/Mac (if applicable): Mac and hp pc
    Looking to play: zombie games, someone to play the forest with
    Time Zone: mountain time zone
    Favourite Genre: RPG
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: this is so hard I like fable and sims, kingdom hearts, final fantasy, fear, resident evil, wait I still have more devil may cry, god of war, little big planet, dragon age, assassin creed, and my all time favorite Breath of Fire III 
    Favourite DLC: sims it just has so much
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: I'm a mage (I use black magic), assassin, usually a dark elf 
    Gamertags: lovlycarnage for steam, pyro4787-xbox, immortalpyro for playstation



    I still have more games I like to play can't think of all of them

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    #28 Kiakat



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    Posted 15 March 2019 - 01:19 PM

    Platform: Xbox One and PS4
    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC
    Looking to play: Apex Legends, Final Fantasy XIV, For Honor, Halo
    Time Zone: US GMT
    Country:United States
    Favourite Genre: I don't really have a favorite :o
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Halo 
    Favourite DLC: Episode Ignis from Final Fantasy XV
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Tank! At least when it comes to MMOs. Support player typically on Apex Legends. 
    Gamertags: PM me for those :p

    #29 Guest_Lovely Little ♡_*

    Guest_Lovely Little ♡_*
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    Posted 25 March 2019 - 11:08 AM

    Platform: PC, PS4

    Looking to play: Open to any games!

    Time Zone: GMT

    Country: United Kingdom

    Favourite Genre: Horror, Mmos, Fps

    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Red Dead Redemption, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dead By Daylight, Guild Wars, God of War.

    Favourite DLC: No favorite.

    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Healer or Tank.

    Gamertags: Pm me ^_^

    #30 BeGentletoKitten



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    Posted 16 April 2019 - 07:50 AM

    Platform: iPhone, OG Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2
    (& PC and PS3, but my laptop broke and dont have another right now, and i dont have any games for the PS3 yet)

    Looking to play: Engaging RPGs?

    Favorite Genre: RPGs, Puzzle games, Seemingly pointless story games

    All-Time Favorite Games:
    * Oddworld: Munch's Oddesy
    * Fable (1, 2, & 3)
    * God of War (1 & 2, Havent played 3 yet)
    * Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
    * Bloodrayne
    * Primal
    * Oblivion
    * Skyrim VR
    * Witcher 3 (havent played much of it, a friend let me play off of their set up and i loved it
    * Baldur's Gate
    * Diablo 2
    * Old-School Runescape (Came across it after i joined the forum, and was looking for Littlespace games, and somehow ended up with this game and have loved it, just seems to take some time learning everything)
    * Minesweeper (i taught myself how to play, and its quite enjoyable)

    Preferred Gaming Class/Style:
    For a long time i loved a warrior or "Barbarian" role, but now ive played with some more personal RPG games, i love the Rouge style much more, going back and fourth with bows and swords is my style (bows for sneaking, swords for personal combat)

    To anyone who read through that, does anyone know of any iOS games for Littlespace, i have a hard time finding any that i like since they tend to be a bit brain dead and not very engaging, though i have enjoyed Kawaii Kitchen quite a bit; its cute and still a simple game as the same time.

    #31 KittyWoofsy


      Da woofers

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    Posted 23 April 2019 - 12:31 PM

    💖Platform: PS4

    💖Looking to play: Minecraft (trying to make a Little Space world/make a world with people who are willing to commit to keep adding onto it/working on it) or any game

    💖Time Zone: Pacific

    💖Country: United States

    💖Favourite Genre: Horror, Sandbox building, open world, shooters

    💖Favourite All-time Games/Series: BioShock, Little Big Planet, Minecraft, Little Nightmares, (sometimes Fortnite if I'm bored ^^), Killing Floor 2, The Forest

    💖Gamertags: PM me

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    #32 Guest_Missie_*

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    Posted 23 April 2019 - 12:57 PM

    Platform: Switch/PC
    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC
    Looking to play: Dead By Daylight, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Seige but am open to other games as well
    Time Zone: EST
    Country: US
    Favourite Genre: Horroe
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Bioshock, Hollow Knight, Zelda
    Favourite DLC: Burial at Sea for Bioshock Infinite
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Archer or Healer
    Gamertags: Like to get to know people before sharing that info

    #33 Owa Famosa

    Owa Famosa


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    Posted 24 May 2019 - 03:16 AM

    Platform: PC
    Looking to play: Apex (Global) / Minecraft (Global) / Don't Starve Together (EU/EAST) / League of Legends (EUW)
    Country: Europe 
    Favourite Genre: MOBA / Shooter / Rouge-lite

    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Borderlands / Don't Starve / Skyrim

    Favourite DLC: Handsome Jack double trouble DLC
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Apex(Sup/DD) ,League of Legends(Top)
    Gamertags: PM  :)

    #34 GreatCatsby



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    Posted 03 July 2019 - 07:00 PM

    Platform: computer
    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC
    Looking to play: Overwatch mostly, but Stardew Valley maybe
    Time Zone: EST
    Country:  USA
    Favourite Genre: Team games, I don't like competing against friends
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: OVERWATCH and subnautica
    Favourite DLC: n/a 
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: I basically always play Mercy and only play other characters when absolutely detached or not caring
    Gamertags: pm only

    #35 Daddy-Tom


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    Posted 04 July 2019 - 07:44 AM

    Platform: PS4 
    Looking to play: Battleborn, Destiny, Bloodborne
    Time Zone: EST
    Country: USA
    Favourite Genre: RPGs
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Skyrim
    Favourite DLC: Destiny 2 Forsaken
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: mage
    Gamertags: PM me

    #36 DragonAllFather


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    Posted 10 July 2019 - 03:50 AM

    Platform: 3DS, PC, Nintendo Switch


    PC/Mac (if applicable): PC


    Looking to play: Pokemon, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Smash bros, Rocket League


    Time Zone: 00:00 (London, Lisboa, Canary Islands)


    Country: Spain


    Favourite Genre: RPG, fighting 


    Favourite All-time Games/Series: Elder Scrolls series, especially Skyrim


    Favourite DLC: ¿Mods? haha


    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: Warrior/knight with sword and shield and heavy armor


    Gamertags: Unlock this by sending a message!

    #37 littlealessa


      alonez 4eva

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    Posted 28 July 2019 - 05:41 PM

    Platform: (e.g. xbox, playstation, android, iphone etc)xbox ps4 switch
    PC/Mac (if applicable): i play on pc too final fantasy 14 wow tera eso
    Looking to play: anything just hmu i prefer mmod, right now im playing marvels ultimate alliance 3 the black order on switch.
    Time Zone: im pst
    Favourite Genre:rpg / mmorpgs
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: (e.g Fallout, Bioshock, Borderlands, COD, Animal Crossing) final fantasy
    Favourite DLC: shadowbringers
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: (e.g. Melee, Ranged, Healer, Magicka/Mana etc)healer, ranged dps
    Gamertags: (Read CAUTION below)
    Lilith Sapphira xbox,
    BrokenAngel8307 ps4,
    SW-5857-9375-7971 nintendo switch

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    #38 Shilo_x



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    Posted 08 August 2019 - 09:35 AM

    Platform: (e.g. xbox, playstation, android, iphone etc): PS4
    PC/Mac (if applicable): 
    Looking to play: Monster Hunter World, Borderlands 2, Diablo 3 
    Time Zone: GMT
    Country: UK
    Favourite Genre: RPGs
    Favourite All-time Games/Series: (e.g Fallout, Bioshock, Borderlands, COD, Animal Crossing): Borderlands, Assassins Creed, Monster Hunter 
    Favourite DLC: Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls
    Preferred Gaming Class/Style: (e.g. Melee, Ranged, Healer, Magicka/Mana etc) I do like to play ranged in a lot of games but sometimes I like to play melee
    Gamertags: Message me 

    #39 Hexes n Chill

    Hexes n Chill

      The First Demon

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    Posted 13 December 2019 - 02:36 PM

    I just got myself an xbox, and was wondering if anyone here also has an xbox and would like some one to game with. I've got Rainbow six siege, Borderlands 2,3 and pre sequal, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Apex legends, and fortnite rn. If you would like to add me on xbox, just friend request me here, and send me a message saying so ^_^


    I've been playing alot of Apex legends lately and been doing pretty well. So if you play Apex and want a new gaming buddy I'm game

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    Ave Satanas

    #40 DaddysPrettyPrincess


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    Posted 25 January 2020 - 01:38 PM

    If you ever get Fo76 lmk lol :) I'd love to play with someone new 

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