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Here comes PrincessPJM, Mother of Pirate the Cat


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Hello there ! My name's Chloé, but you can call me PJM if you prefer (and before people ask, it's the initials of a band's member I really love !)

So I'm 18, I'm French and sadly, things like CG/l don't seem very known here ;-; So I must admit people I meet on internet are almost all far away !

To introduce myself a bit, I loooove Bangtan/BTS, Kpop and Korea in general. In more big things, I love psychology and thrillers/dark stories, as well as Greek Mythology !

Little related, I think I regress around 4/5y.o, but I'm between big and little most of the time, so it's a bit difficult QwQ I am a Pixar lover, also I love Winnie the Pooh and soft things in general ! I'm very cuddly and clingy though ;~;

I'm also very chubby, like, really plump and all, and I'm self-conscious about it, especially since I can't find cute and little clothing in my size.... So yeah, that's a bad thing for me qwq

I'm not sure what else to add, but don't hesitate to hit me up or comment !! I'd love some friends !


PS : also, Pirate the Cat is my cat and she's my lil baby, I love her so so so much !!

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