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Hi everybody!


I'm NOT called Dr Nick, but I AM called Mike (Tom is my Middle's name I guess - if thats what you call it).


I'll be honest, I've been in this specific community for about 24 hours now. I've always been into roleplay settings and I suppose I've always been able to identify with my characters on quite a human level. Sometimes to an obsessive level which has always worried me a bit. I realise now that it is me going back to that time, how I was back then (regression is the term, I think?).


Anyway, I finally got the where-with-it-all to look things up and thats when I found this community. I knew it existed but didn't know the specifics. To cut a long story short, lots of ticks to general symptoms and volia.


I'm single, I'm 26 y/o in real life and from the UK. I love swimming and running, getting rid of any frustrations from that day or the previous day. I also love baking, which CAN make life a bit difficult, but such is life. 


Anyway, talk soon, y'all!

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