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Hello hello. You can all call me Aku. I wanted to post an introduction to explain myself and why I'm here.


I am a little, aged 23, and living in Alabama, US. I'm a non-sexual little, and in fact I am an apothisexual person. Heteroromantic. I don't have a job or a driver's license. I just bounce back and forth from one family member's house to the next as I'm needed. I try to be helpful. In my free time I like to draw and roleplay. Sometimes I play video games, though not recently.


I have a lot of interests and hobbies. So many that it really does little in the way of explaining myself to just try to list them. I'm indecisive and can't pick a favorite anything, so there isn't much point in trying to list those either. The best description of myself that I can give you all is that I'm a very eclectic person who has a lot of problems with myself. I won't go too deep into all that though. I imagine it'll all come to the surface during conversation anyway.


I used to belong to a DDLG community on an app called Amino, and in fact I served as it's curator and later leader for quite some time. However, if you know Amino, you know they have it out for communities like that, and so we kept getting shut down over and over again. All up until the point there was so much drama going on that the entire community left and made their own new community. The last leader other than myself left decided to give up being a leader and joined them. But I had watched what had come to be my home slowly deteriorate into a war zone, and I couldn't bring myself to join another community that didn't even feel like mine.


I've been alone for a long time...


I feel like it's probably a bad idea for me to be here, but I've come because I miss my ddlg support. I miss my friends, but I know that they probably feel abandoned and don't even want to talk to me anymore. They never do on the outlets I gave them to reach out to. I came here because I want a new connection. I want new friends and maybe even a caregiver some day...? It seems like I'm dreaming too big at that point, but I would like... To be part of something again.


I hope I can contribute to this community, even though I don't really know how yet...

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