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Hello everyone! Little from Manila, PH! :3

Venus Di Sandro

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Hello! :3


31/F little here from Manila, Philippines. Thanks for having me in this community! <3 


Little looking for a strong, intelligent Daddy Dom (35-45yo) here in Manila, PH. Keep in mind that my adjectives are there for a reason and I will know if you're just playing around to pass off as something you are not.


About me: I'm 31 years old, building a career in an industry that I love, uni educated and will soon further my studies. I am a nerd (seriously) and I love to spend my days holed up in a bookstore or coffee shop, a flat white accompanying my foray into the mysterious world of words. I love spending time with family, close friends, and my dogs. I run and swim whenever I can but I fell off the horse in the past couple of months because of work; will get myself up soon. I am very sweet and caring, and family and friends have often told me that I love too much for my own good at times. I love finding ways to give back and I try my best to be always kind and brave.


I have high regard for those who are dedicated to building their careers for I am the same. I am very Alpha when it comes to work and I need someone who is not only supportive of my passions, but someone who can fully understand and can take care of a little who puts on her Alpha persona everyday. I want someone strong, intelligent, uni educated, and is as passionate about growth, and personal and career development as I am. Nothing is more unattractive to me than complacency and ignorance.


I have a HUGE impreg fetish. :3 This is my main kink and I revel in it every single day. I am yet to find that someone who can fully arouse my mind and claim me, make me submit to him. I love the tenderness of a DD/lg relationship but I would like it (very much :3) if my soon to be DD has primal tendencies too. I love it when my man is possessive of me for I revel in the feeling of being owned.


Looking forward to meeting both LGs and DDs here! <3

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