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Hello! Mister Dee here...

Guest MisterDee

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Guest MisterDee

Share what you like to be called, how long you've been in this community, if you're new to the dynamic or been doing this a while, a few of your favorite things, preferred pronouns, or any other relative information to getting to know you! If you're in a relationship, or single, you can list it here


Hello there, an awkward daddy dom here. You can call me Mister Dee, Mister, Dee, or Dee Dee. Whatever sweetens your tea. I've been into this lifestyle ever since I was nineteen, I believe. My preferred pronouns are he/him/they/them/wtf is that over there.... So yeah, I respond to anything really. I am not currently in a relationship...


I apologise, I am not good at introductions...




My favorite things include comic books, graphic novels, any literature in general (the smell of old books is life), video games, music, cooking, crossword puzzles and... Yeah, I don't lead a very exciting life. Horror movies are great in my opinion. I'm a college student, so I am constantly having an existential crisis...


And yeah, I'm here to meet like-minded individuals.  So... Let's be friends?

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