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PrincessEmily wants friends (mdlg) to cuddle with. (spain switch)


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Hi everyone!

Im not exactly new but I wanted to introduce myself again as a kind of update now that I know my roles better.


I am lesbian, but im not looking for a girlfriend mommy or little, just for a friend who would be my little or mommy.


Somedays I need someone to take care of and some days I need someone to care for me. I am pretty much a switch.


When I'm in little space I feel small, sometimes very small, like I could try abdl. Mommy space is more adult me, just very loving and cuddlegiver.


My ideal mdlg friend would be from spain or uk, or at least in europe. Im a 25 cis-woman from spain, vegan, own five cats and rescue as many as I can. I leave at home with my parents and if you want to know more you should check my profile :p


Big cuddles for you

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