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Hi! My name's Kaitie...my big girl age is 27(almost 28!)I live with my partner/mymanda and our son and sooooo many animals....we have 3 puppies and 3 kitties and a guinea pig!I don't work cause my silly body doesn't work right, but I do lots to keep busy at home like taking care of all my animals and playing in the garden.

My little self is anywhere between 2 and 6 I think, and i love my stuffy Mr kitty, and my rainbow giraffe Gertie. I like watching cartoons when I'm not feeling so well, especially Disney movies!!! I like to colour and have mymanda give me baths and snuggles ❤️ I'm looking for more friends like me because I just found out I'm not such a weirdo jus cause I like my teddies and sucking my thumb afterall! Plus because my body don't work right I'm stuck in bed alot and it would be super nice to be able to talk to people like me and stay happy in my little space with little friends even if mymanda has to be away!!!oh! and the only thing I love even almost as much as mrkitty or Gertie is my pretty pretty princess rose pipe, so definitely 4/20 friendly as well lol

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