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    London Daddy Searching For His Little To Mentor, Adore & Look After

    middle little kitten submissive cute dependent fun clingy London UK

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    #1 thisblueguy



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    Posted 26 June 2018 - 09:42 AM

    Age (Required): 22

    Role: Daddy Dom
    Location: London, UK
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Looking for: Female kitten/little/middle/submissive/lolita
    Number of partners I have: 0


    Brief Introduction of me:


    I am about the complete my masters in August. To add to that I currently run a successful business, which I hope to go into full-time after completion of my masters.


    My personality:


    I am decisive, commanding and I have experience in the DDlg world. I love trying new things, especially food from around the world. I do enjoy travelling once in a while, gaming, movies, tv shows. Pretty standard stuff. In addition to that, I scuba dive often and really love it!


    I am kinky and really enjoy combining DDlg with BDSM.


    What I will provide as a daddy:


    As your daddy, I will support you in all aspects of your life from making decisions to combating whatever life throws at you. I will protect you from the hurdles of life and make sure you can achieve your goals and dreams.


    I will provide you the right environment for you to be able to express yourself as a little. As a daddy, I am very affectionate and as my little you will receive many hugs, kisses and round the clock attention. I would be making you a designing your schedule and guiding you through life.


    What I look for in my little:


    I am seeking someone who is super submissive and would prefer my little to have little no experience - new to ddlg is very welcome. Body wise, I do not mind but preferably shorter than me, so below the height of 175 cm. 


    I expect my little to be very clingy, naturally very submissive, very kinky (as I am) and someone who is willing to learn and explore the different aspects of DDlg and BDSM. 


    In terms of location, I would like my little to be located in the Netherlands, because being online really limits the dynamic.


    Exploring and Teaching:


    For me what I find the exciting and fun is exploring various aspects of the DDlg and BDSM with my little. To add to that I really enjoy being able to teach and train my little, which I strongly believe is what i should be doing as part of being a daddy dom. This can be from the real basics or from some experience. Therefore, I would expect my little to be willing to learn and explore.


    I enjoy trying new things and I'm sure there are things I have not tried and look forward to being able to try such things together. 


    What do I find important:


    - For me personality is very important, because if it doesn't click there, it would not work out and that is for sure.


    - A little who wants to explore both ddlg and BDSM simultaneously and is willing to learn. 


    - My preference would be someone who is close to me, and will be able to meet-up regularly on week-ends and so on. I am not looking for anything online.



    It would be really nice to have a little join me on my travels and just in general explore different aspects of life. It would be nice to give someone the attention they deserve, be able to give her the right environment to express herself and give her the support to help her grow as a person.

    So, please don't be shy to message me on here, to talk or ask questions because I have definitely not covered everything in this post.

    You can also add me on kik: magnummgold . I tend to reply quicker on kik.

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    #2 Victoria Louise

    Victoria Louise

      Cuddle bug.

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    Posted 12 August 2018 - 04:39 PM

    Hello I'm Vicky I'm also from the UK. I'm looking for a daddy and to make friends.

    A little about me I'm 24 and work full time in a primary school as a teaching assistant yes I do love my job.

    I'm a newbie little looking for a patient, caring but firm daddy who knows when to treat me like a princess or set the rules.

    Im a little stubborn at times but I can be very affectionate and loving. I also love to laugh.

    I'm not really sure what to say on these things. I don't see how you can get to know someone in a few words but Id love to chat with you and get to know you better. 
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    #3 Littleprincessss


      i nees a DADDY

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    Posted 12 September 2018 - 12:51 PM

    hi um.. i prefer online daddys and i love a lot of thing i have hangouts umm i am on it almost everday i am naughty ;)  i have a dirty mind i am very needy more than every am i jelous if you talk to another little with out my permission i get sad or mad i enjoy other littles but i hate to share my daddy!!! so hit me up on here or hangous i dont care umm byes for now i hope!

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    #4 Rie



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    Posted 14 October 2018 - 01:03 PM

    (wanted to send a private message but we need to be friends for this, urgh.)
    Hello :)
    My Name is Josie, I'm a 23-year-old German girl that recently moved to London. I work 5 days a week but I'm really happy to meet people in my free time. I enjoy video games, anime, going to the movies or the arcade ... loads of nerdy stuff to keep it short.
    Some people tend to say I'm weird cause I love wearing pink and other bright colours or even lolita clothes. I get excited about little things very soon maybe that's why I get attatched to some people so quickly. I'm really clingy ahahah. tbh I might have a touch of ADD/ADHD but I think that's just forming my character in...some points.
    I have little to no experience - I never had a DDLG relationship (sadly. but I'm in the community for a while now and know that this is what makes me happy.
    Would love to hear from you ♥
    If you have any questions just go ahead and ask :)
    Oh and I'm smaller than you ;) wouldn't consider myself as petite but I'm somewhat around 160cm.

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    #5 D1s0bedientkitten



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    Posted 14 October 2018 - 01:23 PM

    I just lost my breath reading this please message me I want your support I want your control I want your ownership I need to be guided And dominated by you I want to need to have your approval I am lost and want your help I need to be taught and punished I need you. I crave having you control my thoughts and actions and owning every aspect of me please write back I want to be your little girl
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    #6 Guest_RosetheBratt_*

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    Posted 03 January 2019 - 09:04 AM

    Wow you sound great. I'm not too far from London. I'm super submissive and also interested in combing BDSM with ddlg. I'm quite little and petite. I'm more a middle /bratt than a little. Also I can sometimes just be my own age and would like to have some aspect of an adult relationship as well as the ddlg dynamic. I also have no experience in ddlg and would love have a dom show me the ropes. Feel free to message me I'd love to talk!

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