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Scottish is my name and scotland is my game

Guest Aetherr

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Guest Aetherr


Hi my name is Callan and i am 25 years old , i tend to go by a few names depending on what you know me as and that is dependent on if my preferred alias is available. These are Aetherr/Taian/Jaenus (pronounced Ai-ther/tay-an/jay-nus).


I am a new daddy i have been told by friends who introduced me to this whole new world that i am very dedicated.


i don't get out much but i love to immerse myself in online communities. Those that take my interest atleast and this year i have been rather active in managing and creating communities centered around online games. My largest this year is a 800 member community focused on an online survival shooter called Escape from Tarkov.


I am a part time father and i still make the most ridiculous mistakes. But thankfully my daughter knows me well enough to laugh and poke fun and remind me it is not the end of the world.


I currently reside in Scotland and unless i get over my anxiety i don't see myself moving far from my hometown.


I have been told in the past that i have a dark sense of humor (personally i describe myself as having the ability to laugh at things people would get mad at).


i enjoy a good multiplayer game with a highly logical mind this often helps me as much as hinders me.

I tend to lose track of myself alot.

Asperger Syndrome, autism.

Sci-fi junkie. (sci-fi military mostly)

specific examples would be Expeditionary force by Craig Alanson, Galaxy's edge by Nick Cole and Jason Anspach, and the enderverse books written by Orson Scott Card

and let's not forget the Horus Heresy books

Addicted to Audio books.

prefer quality people over quantity of people.

Been called an introvert but i personally do not think i am good at avoiding people nor do i want to.

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