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Hello, I'm Mimi! I'm a little girl and have a natural little space. I can get into little space whenever I want, sometimes my brain chooses though. My daddy thinks it's funny, because sometimes I'll be talking and my brain goes in and out of little space rapidly and he says it sounds like I'm yodeling. XD I am a Christian Little. Uhm, I don't honestly know if my religion allows cause no one is answering me soooo... I guess i'll just do it and see. xD I'm blessed with a patient daddy, I told him I can't have sexual contact outside of marriage, so he loves me enough to wait till we're married to express our sexual attraction. :) He's so sweet. I'm from the USA... And yeah. I like watching Sofia The First, Madeline and Spongebob. My favorite big girl shows are Glee and Blue Bloods. My little space age is 2-5, I'm not gonna share my real age though because I'm not sure how safe this website is. I met my daddy on an app called Amino by the way. Soooo yeah if you wanna chat or something, hmu. xD TOODLES.........


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