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Hiya! I’m Fritz


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Name: Fritjof

Nicknames: Fritter, Fritz

Gender: Nonbinary

Preferred Pronouns: They/them primarily; he and she when you can tell how I’m presenting


“Adult” Me: 29-years-old living in upstate New York. I’m a recent transplant from North Dakota. The change has been brilliant for me. I work in radio. I’m in a wonderful poly relationship. My primary partner and I live in a big house that needs a lot of work with two cats and a dog. I have a swath of mental and physical health problems, but I do my best to not let them keep me down. Chronic conditions will always be a part of my life.


“Little” Me: Age variable but somewhere between toddler and preteen. I love cartoons and wholesome video games. Pokémon, science fiction, fantasy. Young adult novels and kids books. Coloring! Basically, Little Me IS Me. I’ve always had a sort of childlike personality and interests, and I’m working to embrace it more and more because it truly makes me happy.


I hope to make new friends. Maybe even a pen pal or two!


PLEASE NOTE: Little Space for me is Not. Ever. Sexual.

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I totally agree about little me being the real me. I'm also trying to embrace it more and just be more fluid about it. It's just who I am
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