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Gym Brat

Guest Mossy

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My gym is in my garage. Got tired of the usual gym goers, male and female, so just built one at home.



So I kinda live at the gym?

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Most of my mates who lift have ended up leaving their gym for mine. We don't have to wear earphones, and can crank the death metal. We all work goofy hours, so we don't have to worry about a gym being open or not.


Good variety of lifters, so lots of info is shared. Mate of mine is a powerlifter, and I'm trying to go from 14% BF at 180 to around 20%, slap on some mass, and cut again before next summer. So, he's good to have around.


No Instagram chicks blocking the weights. No bros curling in the squat rack. There's vodka in the freezer for post workout drink. Someone is always smoking meat in the smoker while we lift.It's Valhalla.


If you wear shoes, or a lifting belt, you're sent back to Princess Polly's Finishing School for young ladies until your balls drop.


Plus I'm raising a little viking on my own, and it's good for him to see that kind of stuff.


Oh, and you can hang your bat belt on the wall while you lift, and no one will get triggered. Pun intended.

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This had me rolling. I was doing some squats and arms raises and these DUDES were right in mirror like Polly Prissy Pants taking pics. And I cant even with the music they play but still....it is my home. Also lol if you drop your weights down with gusto ( and I do) there is a sign about dropping weights, grunting, shaming others. No lie.  Sounds like some Beowulf *hit going on over at your crib lol.

If you aren't dropping weights, or grunting (and I mean legit grunting.), you aren't lifting heavy enough.

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And for any girls who are secretly reading this, wishing to lift weights and get in better shape...


No, you won't turn into a jacked freak. And yes, you are wasting your time doing solely cardio. Lift a few weights, get that squat bum, and you'll be amazed at your results.

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