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    LG in KY looking for her Forever

    Mdlg Ddlg Cgl Poly Kentucky daddy search little daddy mommy

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    #1 Pwincessa.Essie💖


      Princess Essie

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    Posted 23 July 2018 - 06:36 PM

    Age (Required): 19 (1+ year of experience)
    Little Age: 2-5
    Name: Jessika (little me: Essie)
    Role: Little/sub/kitten
    Location: Ky, Us
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Looking for: Daddy/Mama/Owner (19-26)
    Relationship preference (Polyamory, Monogamous, or other): Poly (Mono for the right person)
    Number of partners I have: 0 currently. I've had one Daddy previously

    Appearance: Brown Skin / 5'/ ~130lbs [~60kg (yes, I have thick thighs)] / dark curly hair/ glasses/ no piercings, no tattoos

    Um hai! Welcome to my very awkward personal’s intro (o_o”)

    My name is Jessika and I am not good at talking about myself, but I will try. I guess I will start by saying I’m a little with mental illness. I have clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD tendencies, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I have a hard time doing so, but I try to look at the world with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

    Although I seem naïve, I’m closely acquainted with the darker side of life. My past is a giant bowl of Rocky Road, but it doesn’t taste as well as it looks. I talk in metaphors, and I rant… a lot. But not at first; I’m actually a hecka shy potato turtle.

    I am not a super sexual person. I can be, but it’s always been a sticky topic for me, but feel free to ask about it more.

    This is a hard topic because I would prefer IRL, but open to long distance if we can meet. I don't think I could relocate anytime soon due to me being in college. I would consider it, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing it alone.

    OOTAAYS now my little/kitten side::

    *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter* *glitter*

    HEWWOOOO I Essie and I da wittle inside of jessta I luuhb stuffies colowing snackies tookies and aminals I not sexuals nuuupe I wear pull-ups and dwink outta sippies and tuppies! I weeally wike juice an fwuit Oooooh and ceweals!! I luhb Disney and tahtoons. I a pwincess I not sures what I suppose say but you tan always talt to mes hehe I wan a dada/mama dat want to tolors wit me an watch tahtoons. I luuuhb Tangled so I watch as offen as I tan (I no own yets). ...I needy an I sowwy betuz I no mean to bugs yous but I wike tentions it wets me no you tares about me toos. pease be honess wit dis baby I has big hawrt but is fwagiles. I sumtimes ask awot ub twestions dat is tuz I wike ta wearn errytings .

    Dere is a defnite diffwence wif titten and baby.

    Kitten is sexual. This headspace is one I can compwetely submit in. My pweasure tum fwom yours. I’m a bwat but it makes for fun time. I love to RP and I has a lot of nicknames for sexy stuffs like:

    Sex or sexual things-
    Some little call them princess parts, but I call it-
    Nani (f)
    Hooha (f)
    Toybox (f)
    Shlong (m)

    Wing wang (m)
    Or whatever better words pop in muh head

    What Am I Looking For?

    I have soo much love to give, and that is why I would like poly. Not and open relationship though. I want a mutual love shared by a few. I can be jealous, overprotective, maybe overbearing, but I want a love that is unconditional. I do not want to jump into anything right away.

    I would like to find a sis or bro that I can color, watch cartoons, play games, and all in all be little with. If you are a switch, I don't mind at all. I think that after we establish a solid friendship and feel comfortable enough to try a relationship, eventual we can look for a Dom together.

    I want to get to know you for who you are. I want to have a close friendship before having anything serious.I don't mind gender I love and accept everyone. My previous CG was a female daddy dom and I loved it! Above all, I want someone that is open and understanding.
    I’ve been hurt a lot and I know you are not them, but trust will have to be earned. Communication. Communication. Communication. I can’t stress it enough. It means everything to me. Lack of Trust and communication is a deal breaker. Thus, not responding to texts without explanation can cause issues, but that doesn't mean we will have to talk 24/7. It means I would only be comfortable on read if I knew why it was happening. Please understand that I try to listen and understand.

    I want someone who is also willing to make something work just as much as I will. Experience isn't always something that is important. As long as you are willing, we can grow together.

    I guess that is the end, so yeah um PM me maybe?

    Kik: lil_baby_jay
    >>Please let me know you are from here , so you are not mistaken for a bot
    >>If you don't have a profile here, or no photos, please send a live one.

    OH! if you wanna know what I look like I have a gallery on my profile (^-^)
    >>>> https://ddlgforum.co...938-essiieeee/

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    *glitter* She lives life in her own little Fairytale *glitter* 

    :heart: Essie :heart: 



    #2 Dragonking13634


      Looking for happiness in this dark world

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    Posted 24 July 2018 - 10:52 AM

    Hello, I have to say I love your post its very well done.

    I would be willing to talk with you more if you would like. I mean if I can't be daddy right away because of the distance at least you would have a friend if u need one.

    What I look for for my little to do is listen to the rules I put in to place. I am a soft dom so its hard for me to be really strict.

    Im a very loving caring person I will be willing to take the time and be patient with you if you would like.

    I do have kik, snapchat, skype. So video calling is not a problem with me I just would have to set some time aside. I would love to get to know you more if u would let me. Please message me back and feel free to ask me anything u would like to.
    Lots of love david

    #3 Daddywilliam21



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    Posted 10 August 2018 - 05:49 AM

    Hello little one. My name is william I'm 21 sorry I'm a bit young but I have been a daddy/dom/caregiver for about 5 years now was brought into the lifestyle by a friend of mine. But anyway if u wanna get to know me more and see if we match then text me on here and we can go from there. I'm from Louisiana. Yes I'm a southern guy. And yes it's TRUE we all have lifted trucks and talk with a southern drawl lol. But I put my littles needs before everything else including my own needs. Thank you for time. Look forward to hearing from u 

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