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    A Daddy that wants a Princess I can spoil and look after.

    ddlg England Lincolnshire Daddy Little Lg Princess realtionship

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    #1 Littleboy026



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    Posted 27 July 2018 - 09:13 AM

    Age (Required):28
    Little Age:N/A 
    Name: Zak
    Sexual Orientation:Straight 
    Looking for:Little/Princess/Bratt
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other):
    Number of partners I have:0


    Hey ! Im Zak. Thanks for checking out my post :)


    Who am i looking for ?


    Im trying to find my princess who i can spoil and shower with love and affection.If you are clingy that even better.I enjoy making littles happy and seeing there eyes go big it and see there grin come one there face. I enjoy giving the feeling of protection to my little and knowing that they are safe and cared for.


    About me



    Im 28 years old and living in Lincolnshire England, I have a big beard , brown hair  and blue eyes and working as a chef .I'm a 5ft 6 guy, with an average body type and a full beard. I have many interested but the most enjoyment i get is going Psytrance raves, festivals (been to Boomtown 2 years now) , travelling , cooking, just starting to learn how to make music now using fruit loops and I'm a massive gamer on the pc and Xbox 1.I've also gotten into fitness recently and loving it! I'm a very positive person with a positive outlook on life.




    Like I said I'm really into gaming I have gaming rig that can all games on ultra-apart from Battlegrounds I have to play that on high. My favourite type of gaming is the story based so The Witcher series, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Redeadmption, The Last of Us and Final Fantasy are among my favourite. Also, an honourable mention is Battlefield 1. Never played a game set in WW1 and they did an amazing job of it.




    I'm a bit of a movie geek love classic films like the godfather part 1 and 2 I don't talk about part 3. When talking about movies you need to talk about Quentin Tarantino I believe his a movies genius , the dialogue that he has produced in his movies is unbelievable!

    My favorite type of movies is Historical drama (whether there historically accurate is a different matter).These include Amistad,12 years a slave, The Patriot, From Hell, The King's Speech and The Last Samurai.


    Also, just signed up for Netflix and gotten into Anime recently these included Death note (didn't like it after L died, also the movie is shocking), Attack on Titan series 1 and 2 (save yourself the time don't watch the movies.) Fist of the North Star and Full metal Alchemist. I have really enjoyed what I've seen so far if anyone has any recommendations it'll be really appreciated.




    I've got into fitness recently, and I'm just improving my running and weightlifting. At the moment I can run a mile in 13 minutes (Not amazing I know) Last month it took me over 15 minutes so already there in an improvement also I can now bench press 40kg again i know not amazing but last month I could barely do 35kg.I'm not overweight, just years of gaming and having asthma and doing nothing has left me like this and I'm trying to improve myself a little more every day

    What sort of daddy am I ?


     I am very firm, fair and have a lot of affection and love to give. I don't mind being a Daddy to a little girl or couple who need affection and discipline in their little spaces. I believe in a reward system when my little is good they will be rewarded by getting new colouring books, cute clothing, sweets extra attention from me or supervised computer/T.V Time. I Also am a believer in discipline, this can range from lines, the naughty chair , corner time, a stern telling off and if the little is really naughty a spanking.




    What I offer my little as a Daddy?




    As a Daddy I offered unconditional love and affection, loyalty, respect. I will help my little grown and indulge in all their interests and passions. I will nurture their little side and help them explore all their needs and wants and most importantly I will be there for them without hesitation. Also, when they are good they will be rewarded with stuffies, books, day-outs, holidays, colouring books ,treats mextra cuddles and attention.


    What do I offer in a relationship?




    With being a boyfriend, I've only ever been in two relationship and one of them was for over 10 years. I have never cheated on a partner, but I know the heartbreak that's comes from being cheated on myself and its soul destroying and I will never do that to anyone. So, I am fiercely loyal. As a person I am very easy going and a chilled person. I have no problems with my future partner going on a night out without me I'm not the kind of person who will bombard you with text messages every five minutes demanding every detail of where you are. All I ask is that I get that same type of trust and respect back when I'm out on a night out with my friends. I am a person who believe in doing equal share of the work in a relationship to make it work and flourish. I show affection pretty much all the time, I love to hold hands and cuddle as much as possible, I can think of nothing better than on the sofa watching Netflix cuddled up together holding hands with a big duvet over us.



    I am honest, loyal, trustworthy, non-judgemental, open-minded, caring, and giving. Although I will give all that I have.




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    #2 lilmediocre



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    Posted 02 August 2018 - 06:05 AM

    Here's to hoping you'll still come online at some point and will notice this. You sound pretty darn close to what I'm looking for so here goes nothing. I'm a 22 year old girl (this month) and I'm a pc gamer as well. I play stuff like PUBG, WOW, ESO, Destiny 2, Ark and Far Cry Primal (really wishing that game was multiplayer, would be so much fun). I love horror and action movies and I also watch anime. I think I'd say my favourite anime is Kyoukai no Kanata but I also like stuff like SAO and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. I'm pretty shy but I'm also very clingy and I loove cuddles and kisses and all kinds of affection. I consider myself a little but I don't have a little space or anything, I'm how I am all the time. And it's not like I'm fully little but more like have features that are little. If that makes sense, I don't really know how to explain it properly. So I don't do stuff like coloring and drawing, etc. But I am pretty childish and silly and I like my plushies just like any other little. And I'm a tickle monster, I love tickling people. It's even more fun when they can't take revenge cause I'm not ticklish myself. But there is a way, a close guarded secret.. So would me not being a "proper" little be a deal breaker?

    And does you being a chef mean that your little would get to eat a lot of yummy food? Cause please, I wanna. Personally I'm not into fitness but I do like biking and going for walks. I do have an exercise plan written out too but I've been too lazy to get started with it. Also does height matter to you? Cause I'm 172cm. And does location matter to you? I'm not from the UK but I am from Europe. And I'd have no issues with relocating if it came to that, I'd actually even prefer that.

    So if you see this I would love to get a reply. I'd like to say please but is that too much, I wonder..

    #3 Littleboy026



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    Posted 04 November 2018 - 03:23 PM

    Hey ! Im so sorry for the late replay. Yes i am still looking for a little and you sound amazing , i dont use this very often if you would like to kik send me a message, id love to get to know you abit more. 

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