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    Screen shots and reports VS kik and Skype

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    Posted 05 September 2018 - 05:29 PM

    It has come to the attention of the team in recent weeks that rather than screen-shotting issues and making a report on them to be dealt with, people are kiking, snap chatting, or skyping moderators and administrators personal accounts.

    This is not fair, most of you who have these contact details for us have been given them so we can chat or engage in conversation outside of the site. Not so that you can get us on our downtime to talk about something that could just be reported.

    Every single one of us on the team are here on our spare time, not being paid and are taking many hours out of our already busy lives to try and make this site a better and safer place. We have full time jobs, we have health concerns, we have partners, we have families and we have lives outside of here. 

    When we take a little down time to have some time off, or even to sleep, let us! If we are not on site there is a reason we are not on, it's not because we are feeling lazy and don't want to log in.

    Yes we understand there can be "emergencies" which are more serious than others and sometimes need a quick look. However many of the times we have gotten these messages to our personal contacts, these issues could have been dealt with once a moderator signs on and did not need immediate action.

    To remind people how to use the report feature and how to help us deal with these issues I am going to post the existing thread for you to reference 


    This report feature works, when it is used. However it is not being used enough.

    So next time please you feel like texting or kiking a moderator on their personal off site accounts please think is it fair or necessary to be waking this person up or taking from their down time? 

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