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Hello :3 Little from Australia. Black Desert Online friends !?


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Hello c:


I'm Bunny, i'm 26 from Brisbane Australia and i'm looking to make some little friends to chat with or play games with!

ive always been little in personality so for me it isn't just a kink, it's a descriptor for my personality. 

I've been on and off active in the littles community for about 7 years now and i'd like to get more involved again and have some little friends. 


I have a wonderful daddy who i live with so im not looking for a CG but don't mind talking to other bigs as friends/to game with as long as you respect that! 


I love MLP, Care Bears, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, PreCure, Sanrio and San-X characters, Disney and Pokemon! <3

My favourite colour is pink and pastels and i like to cook, snuggle my dog and Daddy, play games and go for walks. I also like watching crime documentaries!


I would love to find someone to play online games with, especially Black Desert Online! I don't mind where you are from! 

My BDo user is Sakura_Bunny (family name Smolpeach) 

My Discord is Bunny#9158


I'd love to get to know anyone who has Discord as for me its the easiest chat platform!


I'd love to chat on either ^__^ 

I'd also loooove to meet other littles from Australia and Brisbane. 

I attached a photo but its rather old haha, i need to take some new ones! 


Message me to say hi :) 



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Guest SheepishPrince

Welcome to the forums Bunny!!

everyone is super nice here so finding friends is easy peasy, and if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask the mods!! theyre super super helpful!! :3


im justing getting into PreCure and i really like it so far :0

and i absolutely love gaming!! my favorite right now are WoW, Dragon age, Mass effect, and stardew valley!! wby?


my names sheep, and once again welcome!!

have a wonderful day!

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Guest SheepishPrince

stardew valley is so much fun!!! its very relaxing tbh :3 but they have a multiplayer update now!! so you can play with friends :0

ive been meaning to try black desert online but i keep putting it off since im so busy with my other games lol!!

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