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New Middle/Teen Girl


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I'm 38 years old but have always naturally acted like a much younger girl, about 12 - 16 or so, as long as I'm around people I'm comfortable with. This is not a roleplay for me, it is who I am. Because of this there may be times where it's hard to tell, but trust me, if you get to know me, you'll see and recognize my goofy, needy, and immature (for my biological age) nature.


I absolutely love reading books, watching tv (The 100 is probably my current favorite), snuggles, long conversations about nothing and everything, video games, and animals of all sorts. If you took me to a petting zoo you'd have to contend with me threatening to bring everything home and finding logical reasons to do so (ie: Goats are adorable. They make great lawn mowers - increasing the homeowners free-time as well as environmental pollutants all while creating great fertilizer for an award winning lawn *and* producing milk. Mmmm... feta cheese!!!)


While I've always been highly aware that I'm different from most people my age it has only been recently that I've discovered why. At this point I'm interested in creating strong meaningful friendships only, be it with Caregivers of any sort or other little/middle/teens. I don't mind being a big sister to you younger littles, so try not to let the shy bug bite you if sending me a message is calling to you.


I will not respond to those only seeking x-rated content. I will put on my big girl panties and tell you what I think of that before you can say "Oops!" Just a fair warning.

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Guest SheepishPrince

Welcome to the forum and community!! Everyone's super duper nice so making friends is easy peasy :3


My name's sheep, and once again welcome!!

Have a wonderful day :3

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