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hi ^^


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hi so uh my name is bery, i prefer not to give out my real name bc its a paranoia thing

uhmmm so im a she/her, im not completely new to this i was exposed to the ddlg community a while ago

my boyfriend and i recently started to get into it bc i called him daddy and he called me princess so we just kinda got super into it and yeah

he and i are in an ldr so its a little hard for us but we make it work

i am just so happy i found a community where i can just be myself, my old friends called me a "crackhead" when i first told them so i ditched them bc i cant handle that negativity. 

im sososso soooooo happy i found a place to just be my little self  :heart:

and i dont feel weird for being a plus sized little either!!!! i love this community its so accepting

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Guest SheepishPrince

*glitter* welcome to the forums!! and the community!! *glitter*

everyone is super friendly so making friends is easy peasy lemon squeezy :3

and if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask the mods!! theyre all super helpful and nice


my names sheep and once again welcome!!

have a great day! :heart:

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