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Hewwow from a little in South east Asia >3<)/

Guest Bby_princess

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Guest Bby_princess

Hewwoww~ #springkles candies


How are you?

My name is Riri

I'm from Singapore but live in Indonesia right now. Yes! I am Asian \(>o<)/


I spent my days at home or shooping a cute stuffies for my castle if i'm not in school.

My castle had a LOT of PINK and PASTEL (but mostly pink) stuff, my stuffies melp me manage my castle.

Mr.Seal is the oldest and he is the main guardian. Mr.Sheep will help me falling asleep and Mr.Bear will help me conquer the enemy #fist

But all of my stuffies help me warm my bed and fills me with lobe. I wuv them and they also wuv me >////<

I have a pink sippy, pastel with flower pacis,fluffy and soft blankie (one of them had bunnies ear #kyaa).

I also have a biiiigggg comfy comforter!


I wake up at six!

mr.Turtle is my favorite stuffies and he is big and fluffy and sooooofffttttt !

I like to draw, colour, paint, watching disney/dreams works/pixar/barbie/Nat geo wild/ Animal Planet/cartoon network, cosplay, playing pretends, playing with my stuffies, shooping, snuggles/cuddles, and walking in the park.


I want to be a PRINCESS ! and daddy can be my Prince Charming and also my Knight !!!


I want cuddles and stuffies for my birthday.




Nice to meet you evewyone  :wub:  :D  :lol:  :blush: 


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Guest SheepishPrince

*glitter* welcome to the forums!!  *glitter*

everyone is super friendly so making friends is easy peasy lemon squeezy :3

and if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask the mods!! theyre all super helpful and nice


my names sheep and once again welcome!!

have a great day!  :heart:

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Hewwwow I’d like to get to know more about you and discover just how special you are. Please read my profile and I might hear from you soon when ur not busy x
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Guest QueenJellybean

welcome to the forum & the community! i'm your friendly neighborhood moderator, jelly! 

if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to message me or any of the other staff members. we're here to help! 


if you're looking for a partner, check out our Personals Section.


we hope you find what you're looking for here, including a new place to call home!    :heart:

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