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    CT Little Looking For Her Mommy or Daddy!

    Little Mommy Daddy

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    Posted 19 September 2018 - 09:03 PM

    For those too lazy to read here's a TL;DR :


    I've got my list of issues {like most do} however, I work every day to better myself! I'm sweet, artistic, and loyal to no fault. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty heccin' awesome person who is just looking for some love!


    (You should still read though...I worked really hard on this...)



    Name: Kat


    Age: 24 (25 in Oct. I'm an old lady irl hecc


    Little Age: Not "present" it's more of just being childlike.


    Role: I am a Little for the most part, I can be a Brat sometimes, and sometimes a little assertive, take that how you will. :3


    Years experience: As a Little/CG Less than a year
                                 As a Dom/Submissive Since I was 17/18


    Location: CT, USA


    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual - I consider myself demi-sexual/romantic, I find myself leaning more towards women regardless however, this doesn't leave men for a loss either.

    Looking for: Mommy {preferably} or a Daddy (Not both)

    **NOTE** I look for someone within my age range {generally no one younger than 20-22 and no one older than 28-30) my reason for this age restriction is personal. If you don't meet those requirements, don't be discouraged, take the chance and message me because I like getting to know people!



    Body & Brain Things You Need to Know: 

    **Note: Just because I go to therapy weekly, does not mean these issues WON'T arise. There will be days when these things pop up and believe me, they will. You've been warned.**

    • I suffer from Chronic Depression
    • I suffer from Anxiety {which feeds my Severe Insomnia}.
    • I suffer from Social Anxiety, in other words, I don't like leaving the house. :x 
    • I have ADD/ADHD
    • I have low self-esteem in some areas, however, I know what I'm worth. {I'm a bit of a walking oxymoron}
    • I am blunt, like...very blunt. Your feelings, will not keep me from saying what needs to be said, truth hurts and I'll tell you how I see it. To me, being 100% honest is important. I realize this can be a bit rough and obviously there will hopefully be a middle ground.
    • I do not take Medications for my mental illness, I have found that therapy is more than enough. When it is legal, I do plan on trying edibles {marijuana} to see if they work for me, I do not smoke but I'm not a fan of people who do {there's a personal reason feel free to ask!}.
    • I am 5'10/5'11, and I am about 400 pounds, this being said, I do plan on losing weight, however with everything that has gone on recently, that's not possible right now, in other words...it's a work in progress. 


    My Hobbies

    I love to do my posters with a program called Source Filmmaker (even in my little state sometimes). I'm even learning animation! :D 

    I love music more than anything, if I share a song with you 9/10 times the lyrics mean something and you should listen to it :3

    I like playing video games and I'll play anything my computer can play I enjoy Minecraft, Overwatch, Runescape 3, OSRS, Sims, Team Fortress 2 and many other games. 

    I like to watch YouTube a lot, or movies. If it means I can be lazy for a while, I'm down. 

    I love sleeping...a lot. If I could sleep all the time, I'd be down for it. 


    My Personality/My Thoughts On Myself

    In my time growing up, I was picked on a lot. It's fine if you don't like big girls {BBW's} but please don't use that as a leverage to make me feel bad. It's actually something I'm very self-conscious about and make myself feel terrible for constantly. That being said, while I am a little and still have my self-esteem issues I will not take crap from anyone no matter my position in a relationship. I am confident enough to know what I want from someone. If you do end up insulting me in a way continuously or with the intent to hurt my feelings things can/will get ugly between us and fast. I have zero issue blocking and reporting someone. I'm quite a nice person when you get to know me, but I've been through more than my fair share of hell and high water and will not take it from anyone.


    Now, with all of this being read, the bottom line is this. I spent years and years thinking I was nothing, and was worth nothing. It has only taken me 8-ish years of Therapy to realize, I'm worth way more than I think. I know I'm a good person, and I'm good to people. I'd give you the shirt off my back, the shoes on my feet, and the food on my plate. However, because I spent 10/12 years being told by my peers that I was nothing? My tolerance for anyone making me feel guilty is paper thin and I'll cut it in half before I let someone EVER make me feel like crap ever again. I love who I am becoming, and hopefully you might too.  :) 


    If I do say so myself...I'm pretty heccin' awesome, and I sincerely hope you take the time to see that for yourself! Feel free to DM me! 
    Sorry for the long winded post but I always have a ton on my mind. >x<"

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    I reject your reality and substitute my own! --Adam Savage {Myth Busters}

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