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Birdbone, Raventongue (SFW, flash fic)

Guest Longlegs

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Guest Longlegs
Birdbone, Raventongue


In the Forest of Ash, within the borders of which time would feed into itself, there lived two witches. The shunned spawn of a god whose name had long since been struck out from all stories, only vaguely remembering their singular parent, their favorite pastime was to weave fantastical yarns pertaining to the adventures and conquests of their long-lost progenitor.


-"O Raventongue, silly sister, the One would not once in an eternity have used a great, clumsy blade. 'Tis a giant's weapon, see and a giant he was not."

-"Birdbone, blood-kin, the One was as tall as a mountain and twice as wide; swinging a great stone blade was only natural to him."

-"But Raventongue, sacred twin, would that make him a giant?"


The witches sat pondering for however long it took for the sun to set again.


-"Birdbone, pale shadow of mine, why did we make this grey place our home? The air around dries my mouth and my mouth I need to tell stories."

-"Raventongue, dark sun of mine, your words cut deep into my heart, for remember I do not."


The witches sat in silence for several moons.


-"Birdbone, phantom lady, why do we not leave? Are we not great witches, heir to the One who was the greatest of them all?"

-"Raventongue, beast queen, I can taste the old magic around this forest. Home it is not, I gather, but a prison. And we are proud and we are strong; prisoners were we not created to be!"


The witches nodded in agreement and immediately began preparing for their departure, best as they could. They conjured servants and built wards; they spun hexes and cried curses. The Forest of Ash stood ominously around them, its twisted trees slowly turning to gaze at them as they labored. But the witches cared not. Finally the time came for the rite that would break the cruel dome around them.


-"Beloved sister, join claw-hand in mine!" they sang in unison.


Holding hands, they remembered. They remembered all that had been and all that they had been and all that they had done. And they remembered the folly of it all. They sat down in silence that was loud as the end of the world. 


The One would have to remain forgotten, alone, but never lonely.

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