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  • trans little boy looking for forever daddy!

    ddlb cgl abdl bdsm

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    Posted 26 September 2018 - 10:39 PM

    Age (Required): 19
    Little Age: 2 to 12
    Name: mateus
    Role: little (baby and middle as well), sub, masochist
    Location: portugal
    Sexual Orientation: gay
    Looking for: daddy dom, forever life partner
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other): exclusively monogamous
    Number of partners I have: 0
    hiya! i’m mateus. i’m a 19 year old from portugal. i’m into abdl, cgl (ddlb) and bdsm. here’s some more about myself!

    📘 important information 📘

    i’m a trans man - i was born in a “female” body, but my true gender is male. i have body and social dysphoria (you can ask me more about it), and therefore i’m trans. i wish to transition (except down there, for multiple reasons) and do hrt. i use he/him pronouns. please respect this, for i won’t ever change this about myself (i can’t anyway, even if i tried).
    i’m mentally ill - again, if you’d like, you can ask me more information about my health.
    i struggle with a lot of insecurities, which i’m trying to fix.
    i am exclusively monogamous, and that won’t change ever.
    distance doesn’t matter to me, as long as we both move in together in the future.
    i do not rush things - if you truly wish to get to know me, please don’t flirt with me right off the bat or be inappropriate. i’m only here for something serious and long-term / life-long.

    💙 about me - big me 💙

    i’m a 19 year old student and writer, and an occasional photographer. my current occupation is school and next year (2019), i’ll enroll in a pharmacy university here in lisboa, which is where i’m from. i also hope to publish a book or two in a near future.
    as stated above, i’m a trans man. i call myself gay, since i’m exclusively attracted to men.
    i’m a very feminine man at times, and very masculine at other times. i like to switch from “feminine” clothes to “masculine clothes” often. it's really fun and i find it interesting.
    i really like nintendo 3ds videogames. pokémon is one of my favorites, and so is fire emblem. overall i like many different genres of videogames.
    i speak english fluently, and i’m a native portuguese speaker. i’d like to learn swedish, french and hebrew.
    i have sephardi jewish ancestry, and would like to become more connected to the jewish culture and its beliefs.
    i like science fiction a lot, and also i read a lot of books, especially portuguese poetry.
    i like indie music too!
    i consider myself a very friendly and caring dude and i’m supportive of those whom i love.
    i can be very stubborn at times, not gonna lie.
    i like going to the gym, it’s super fun!

    ⚗️ about my interests - kinks ⚗️

    i have many kinks, but basically, i like a lot of stuff in bdsm and abdl. i’m a masochist and i’m a brat when in middle space.

    🍼 about me - baby me 🍼

    my age goes from 2 to 4!
    i like diapers, pacis, baby bottles, taking naps, baby toys, and lullabies.
    i’m never sexual in babyspace!

    ✈️ about me - little me ✈️

    my age goes from 5 to 8!
    i like to play pretend, coloring, stuffies, storybooks, sippy cups, cartoons and cuddling lots!
    i can be sexual in littlespace - i’d say it’s’ 50/50.

    🌧️ about me - middle me 🌧️

    my age goes from 9 to 12!
    i am a huge brat, i like to write in my diary, read pre-teen boy’s books, action figures, and pre-teen cartoons.
    i’m really sexual in middlespace!

    🐚 what i’m looking for 🐚

    i’m searching for a caring, loving, but stern daddy. i can be bratty at times and as a middle i need a lot of discipline. i like rules and being punished when i’m bad, but i value affection and love a lot.
    i want my daddy to also be my romantic partner - and live with him in the future if we get along well and truly love one another.

    thank you sm for reading!!

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