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    DaddyDom/Caregiver looking for his baby girl-- Alabama

    ddlg daddy Little Middle Monogamous Alabama US Long term Relationship Caregiver

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    Posted 05 October 2018 - 01:41 PM

    Age (Required): 21
    Little Age
    Name: Davis
    Role: DaddyDom/Caregiver
    Sexual Orientation:Straight
    Looking for:Long Term Little-Middle Relationship 
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other):Monogamous 


    Been a caregiver/daddydom for 4 years and loved every second of it!
    Im a incredibly caring caregiver devoting as much time as my little desires to her needs. Im a hopeless romantic
    so i tend to go a little beyond the normal expectations for pretty much anything romantic. Music is my first love. 
    I listen to many many types of music. Mainly rock & classical. But the only genre i dont enjoy as much is country. There are still the occasional song that i like tho. Simple man is one of my all time favorite cuz it played at my mothers funeral and we used to sing it together. Sad but still fills me with happiness anytime it comes on!
    Although i cant play any instruments i sing quite often. Singing lullabies is something i enjoy doing as my little falls asleep or reading bedtime stories : ). I love drawing and hope to make a career out of it eventually. Drawing personalized coloring pages is good practice so it happens often. I also really enjoy cooking and making sure my little is fed so she doesn't get to grumpy.
    Altogether I really just want a submissive little that knows shes mine and only mine. I might be caring but I am a dominant so i expect my word to be law.  I wont tell you who to be friends with or keep you from living your life but if daddy says do something I expect it to be done. You can be a brat but there will be consequences.I will remind you that your mine. Mind, body, and soul. Everything I do is to see my little grow as a person.I want to see her thrive as an individual and as my submissive. 
    Every little is different. So as a daddy you have to be prepared to change how you do things.As in being less strict and not as demanding or being more so. Number 1 priority is your littles happiness. Now matter the cost. Im open to almost all kinks. Ill try anything once  :D Im even open to non-sexual relationships. Some littles have bad experiences and its your job as a daddy to understand that and try your best to help them through whatever you can and as much as possible. 
    Sadly i do not have a means of transportation and I work quite often. Tho once i do ill be happy to arrange a visit if things are long distance.  :)
    Im a goofy person at heart. I love making people laugh and i try my best to help anyone i can! Ill do random impressions from time to time of Disney/cartoon characters. Probably not the best impressions but impressions non the less. I could talk about video games/board games for hours. I also love anything supernatural/paranormal.
    I love anything involving space/time travel/aliens. Anything Sci-Fi really. Im not a big book reader but i do occasionally pick one up and binge read if its something im interested in. Im a big cuddler and love to watch anything Disney related. My favorite of all time is Lilo & Stitch! I think thats Disney right? My favorite impression is Stitch btw!!!!
    I do suffer from severe depression and have social phobia which is an intense form of social anxiety. Social phobia effect me much less over texts and online so what your seeing is the real me! At first in person i will be incredible awkward XD. But as time passes it gets better and better with each person i meet. 
    SnapChat- RastaCeal
    FetLife- I have one but havnt done much with it. If your interested ask and you shall receive. I dont do public nudes so if you want them you have to get on my good side  :)
    Also the cat in my picture is named Cali and she loves licking everyone's face at all times. We have another cat named Socks but she isn't as loving except for the special occasion. Then shes all lovey dovey  :D
    I hope everyone is having an amazing morning/afternoon/night!!!!!

    Ill always be there to wipe away your tears and hold you even if its my fault. Iv also been told i give really good pep talks : ) I could talk for hours about everything good in someone. I also think im funny sometimes.( ' )')  Im really just looking for a princess to call my own. The biggest thing i want is to be your best friend. The person you can tell anything to and not worry about being judged.    


    If your shy and have any questions or just want to talk my Snapchat is: rastaceal

    Hope i covered enough and didnt break any rules! 6'1 138 lbs. btw

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