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    Illinois Daddy looking for little [irl or online]

    ddlg abdl daddy little illinois chicago

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    Posted 14 October 2018 - 10:03 PM

    Age (Required):22
    Little Age:none

    Years Experience: 6
    Sexual Orientation:Straight
    Looking for:Little
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other):Monogamous
    Number of partners I have:0-------------------------------------------
    Thanks for checking out my personal! First i want to start this of talking about myself as a person so you get can get a feel of what I'm like. For starters my name is Nick Im 22 and living in the chicago area, i like to stay active so i am always working out(at least 4x a week) and have an athletic build. I am tall so if youre hugging me ill most likely have to bend down to pick you up and give you one. i have green eyes which i love because green is my favorite color! I have a lot of hobbies and interests, for instance I love playing my Nintendo switch, watching Anime, Fishing and being outdoors. I definitely have a rustic side to me because i enjoy just being in the elements and using my body whether its building playgrounds as a side job or hiking mountains and swimming in open water. I am definitely dominant in my day to day life, i like to take charge of a room and at work, I'm never one to just be passive which I think really helps as a daddydom. I do have a great sense of humour and really look to surround myself with others who feel the same. For work I have done a lot, Ive been a lifeguard, a bartender, server, cook, and most recently a baristo at starbucks. However I am entering the Navy in the next few months so if you like the idea of a military daddy im your chance;) My physical stats are 6 feet tall, white, green eyes, dark hair, 148 lbs with athletic body type, and sometimes a beard!


    Me as a daddy: I have been into this dynamic and lifestyle for over 6 years, I think when i was 16 i came across this lifestyle and immediately realized it resonated deeply with me. I have always had a natural instinct to be a carer and nurturer ever since i was little. Helping people and being there to aid in development whether its spiritually mentally or physically is something I have always gotten the most pleasure and satisfaction out of. As i daddy i would say I am definitively on the gentler and more caring side, that means I am always there to answer a phone call no matter the hour(call me at 3am and ill pick up...seriously). I am fiercely loyal and protective, which i think just comes natural with my dominant personality. I will always do anything for my little, and will never put her in uncomfortable situations. As a daddy i feel its important to make sure my little feels safe at all times and to help her develop, that means being strict sometimes. My strictness comes out in several ways, whether its through a sub/dom dynamic of punishment such as spanking, a stern talking to, or just a simple "hey you need to listen better next time" I always have your best interest at heart when I am correcting behavior. I am also an extremely fun daddy that has a million and one ideas for dates and games so you'll never be bored being my little, to give an idea they range from playground dates, concert dates, Skype games, trips to the mall for new stuffies or clothes, or my favorite: RAINY DAY CUDDLE DATES!!. I also have a bad tendency to spoil my little, whether it be new diapers, pacifiers, onesies, toys, or stuffies just know youll be taken care of. I also do have experience being a dom, so know that there will be the dynamic of the sub and dom, and the rules that go along with it. Lastly Im looking to fall in love with you. I want to fall in love with your voice, your eyes, and your heart. I want wake up and look at my phone and the first thing i see each morning is your smile and i want you to know that you'll go to bed every night loved. I want us to fall in love slowly, from the first couple of texts with butterflys in our stomachs to the feeling of warmth we get when we see each other and gazing at your shy smile. I want to feel the fear and uncertainly that comes with falling for someone and the feeling of tremendous joy catching your heart and you catching mine. For me the build up of finally calling you my babygirl and you calling me my daddy for the first time makes this entire relationship so special. Thats really what it means to me at least to be a daddy is to give you that ultimate feeling of security to just let go around me and for me to just have feeling of love and affection that you will give and i will always cherich and protect.


    What i look for in a little: The first and most important thing i look for in a little is someone who isn't afraid to be herself! I want you to be able to be yourself when in littlespace and outside of it because there is nothing more attractive than a girl who is confident. I also would like you to have a bratty side. I want someone who is gonna test me as a daddy and know how to tease and have fun and ive learned that bratty littles are the best littles. I would like you to be clingy and in good shape, and understand that its the little things--no pun intended--that make this kind of realationship work. I want you to be loving and attentive, because you will have all my attention. My ideal little will have a little age below 7 but i am open to having a relationship with a middle if we click. Idealy you would be in the midwest area so we could have an irl relationship but I have had online littles before so I am open to having an online relationship as well  I also would want you to have a sweet side, that means being kind to animals, being vulnerable, and generally just kind to most people you meet. if you liked anything you read here add me a friend or leave a reply i promise ill get back to everyone!

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    Posted 14 October 2018 - 10:22 PM

    hehe hi i dont really know what to say in this but i saw u was looking for a babygirl and i is a babygirl and i is lonely i understand if chu found someone if not would chu like to get to know each other im kae (thats only half my name ul find the rest out liter if we do talk) i really really like cookiez lol im sry i feels awkwark now so..................

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    Posted 30 May 2019 - 06:48 PM

    Hello daddy. I'm from Illinois and looking for a irl daddy. I'm in the southwest suburbs I'm new to this but very intrested. I'm 23 years old and want a daddy dom who is strict yet playful. I would like the sexual and non sexual aspect of a daddy. If you are still searching for a little girl please message me. Maybe we can chat on here or on kik.hoping to hear from you soon sir
    Muuuuah kisses

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