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East coast little here!!


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 Share what you like to be called, how long you've been in this community, if you're new to the dynamic or been doing this a while, a few of your favorite things, preferred pronouns, or any other relative information to getting to know you! If you're in a relationship, or single, you can list it here, but this isn't a place to talk about the type of partner you want, or post personal information hoping someone will contact you to start a relationship! This is a place to get to know other community members and break into the community in a safe, non-threatening way.


Hi guys! I am pretty new to this and hope to find lots of friends and such! So a little about me.. 


I love to be called princess, little one, dumpling, cutie pie, ya know all the generic little names.


I have been in the ddlg community for about 2 years now and I dont know what I would be doing without it.


I love plants (huge passion of mine), disney, and cats!


My perferred pronouns are she/her


I am also very single lol. 


Ok that is it for my intros :)


Hope everyone has a great day!!



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