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Hello ~


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I joined for my adorable baby boy, who I'm the mama bear to ~ <3 


I'm entirely new to the community, only being involved for, perhaps, a month,

and hope to educate myself, and become a better caregiver to my cutie. So, I

might be a tad confused and ignorant. Besides that, my little wished to join in

order to make friends with other littles, so I hope we can get along with you all.


I don't particularly have nicknames beyond ones given by my little, all of which I, 

obviously, adore, so calling me 'Kat' would be the best name to call me by, 

considering my username. My prefered pronouns would be she/her, and I'm from

the UK. Regarding my interests, I like to indulge in K-Culture, including K-Dramas

and K-Pop, alongside a narrow selection of games and roleplaying ~ 

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Hey hey! Welcome to the forum!

Though everyone has their own unique dynamic, I'm sure you'll find plenty inspiration for your dynamic on here! 

Enjoy your stay!

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