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  • Daddy looking for his princess - UK - LDR welcome.

    daddy ddlg little princess relationship UK england love

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    #1 Guest_TheOtherGuy_*

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    Posted 02 November 2018 - 09:57 AM

    Age (Required): 24
    Role: Daddy
    Location: South East England
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Looking for: My little girl! 
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other): Monogamous
    Number of partners I have: 0


    Call it cliche but I never truly know how to write these sorts of things or write about myself which is odd seeing as I spend a lot of my time writing! I suppose the first thing to know about me is that I'm very flexible as a daddy by which I mean I can alter my approach to your wants and needs whilst remaining dominant and firm. I excel as a guardian/teacher however often find myself taking a guiding/parenting role as well which I'm perfectly fine with! I've had a few years experience as a daddy now though only one of my previous relationships actually involved me being a daddy! That being said until she cheated on me everything was great! It's important for you to know right away that I have been cheated on in all of my relationships, I can still trust people but you must understand that something like that leaves it's mark on you and can make it difficult at times, it doesn't make me undateable by any stretch of the imagination but it is something you should know off the bat.


    I'm looking for a little who wants something serious and monogamous and who seriously wants to build a future with me! I do get attached quite quickly and playing the field stresses me out so once I like you I'll stop talking to all other littles. Because of this I like my little to be clingy and a little needy. I'm looking for someone who wants to make me happy and actively goes out of their way to do so, I have far too many battles to fight in my personal life so I do not want my little to be one of them and if my little won't build me up then who will? I find that ddlg relationships should be give and take, in the same way that I will spend tonnes of timing caring for you and looking after you, you should be spending your time giving me all the love and affection you can give! I'm not necessarily too into bratty girls unless they understand that there are limits and are ok with accepting punishments! I generally veer towards smaller petite littles however I'm open to everyone as whats on the inside comes first, if your personality is amazing then it doesn't matter what you look like and if your personality is trash then not even all the looks in the world could make it work. Personality comes first. As far as sexual fantasies go this is something I'd like to explore with my little later down the line and not every single little that wants to talk to me, I hope this is ok!


    As far as things like rules, rewards and punishments go it is something I'm very flexible with! I will happily make a list of them and make sure you stick to them however if this is not your thing then we don't have to. It is something I enjoy doing and would like to do but it is not a deal breaker! 


    Outside of ddlg I am in my final year of Uni and have a well paying job lined up for when I leave, my childhood was much different from a normal childhood and I've lived the life of a 40 year old. I'm a large lad nowadays and am finding that I'm actually happier large than I ever was when I was fit! I like having a dadbod and I'm finding that for the first time in a long time I like who I am and like being me! I've not posted a picture of myself here but more than happy to show anyone what I look like! I'm mad on motorsports, have been into music from a young age and love computers! When I'm in love with someone they get my everything and then some, I'd break my back for the girl I love and almost did once (true story but a story for later). 


    If you've got this far then congratulations, you were able to put up with my ramblings and deserve a reward! If you want to get to know me more then please add me on here, there is a lot more to me than what's mentioned here and feel like I have a lot to offer! Hope to hear from some of you soon! 


    - TheOtherGuy

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    #2 Guest_TheBunOfHorror_*

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    Posted 05 November 2018 - 11:00 PM

    Hai Hai. 


    I think you actually Messaged me earlier. But I thought I would formally introduce myself here. I have been looking for a Daddy for a while now. But My personal on here explains some of the things I am looking for. I am quite clingy/needy bun bun. I am so happy to find a mono Daddy. >o< Been hard to find. Um Um I am trying not to make myself look like an idiot... I haven't done this a lot. I mean Replying to Personals... So I am sorry if I seem weird -Squeaks and hides.- Ums. Lets see. I wikes carrots. I like sweets a lotttt. I love coloring and Aromatherapy. I love Games. :3 Ums. I think thats where imma leave it at... If chu wanna message chu cans >o< Loads of Little Bun Bun Kissies :D Bais.

    #3 Guest_Brattysadie_*

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    Posted 01 January 2019 - 08:36 AM

    I'm new to this all hence why my profile is bare but I'm looking for a Daddy and you sound perfect. I'm 20 years old abdalso in the UK, but south west.
    I am very needy and like lots of attention and cuddles, however I am also a bit of a bratt and need rules and punishments (nothing too extreme) in place. I will act up but not to annoy you but because I want to be punished for attention. I want someone who's loving and caring but also firm and strict.
    I love nature and being outdoors and animals. I'm also looking for something non sexual, as least to begin with as I'd have to be very comfortable with someone first. Please add me if you want to chat 😊

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