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Heya from Canada!


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Heya. I've been on the forums for a little while but thought I should make an introduction. I'm Z or Reflections or Horror. I'm a daddy in my late 20s, been in the dynamic for several years but had a three year break in my last relationship. I love meeting new people, regardless of if a relationship could spawn from it or not. I practice mindfulness, meditation, and non-judgement and I absolutely love hearing about all the personal and weird aspects that people experience as human beings. The non-judgement has allowed me to integrate some really awesome, unique, and weird elements into my writing (while, of course, being respectful of sources). 


Speaking of writing, that's what I do! I write books about horror (not horror books but non-fiction about it), screenplays, blog articles, magazine reviews. I launched a business in the last year that helps teach people how to write better screenplays and get 1-on-1 writing lessons. I love the horror genre, I love writing.


I'm attracted to the DDLG dynamic for multiple reasons. Yes, I am a sexual person and that plays a part but more important to me is helping a little to grow and to achieve their dreams, develop the habits that will let them make the most of their life. I struggled with depression, self harm, and of really negative experiences that I learned to overcome and it's pushed me to start a company where I help others (it's not just writing, the biggest problem writers have is self-esteem and acceptance) and it's what drives me to find that perfect little to spend my life with.

So, yeah, I guess that's some of me? I have a personal ad that has some other information if you want to know more. I really hope to meet some cool people and make some awesome friendships!

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