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    (Updated) A non sexual trans little (MtF) looking for a mommy/daddy to make her dreams of becoming a 24/7 little princess come true

    Trans Arizona princess little needy

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    Posted 04 November 2018 - 12:26 PM

    Age (Required): 18
    Little Age: 4
    Name: Luna
    Role: little
    Location: Arizona
    Sexual Orientation: pan
    Looking for: daddy or mommy
    (Also, I’m MTF trans(pre op) and a furry)
    Why I want to be a 24/7 little
    My parents were divorced when I was really young so my dad worked a lot so I think I deep down still want that nurturing given to children because I never got as much as I wanted. Also, being trans, I never had the childhood of a little girl... I honesty love all of the ultra girly princess stuff and having a magical pink room filled with girly stuffies but I’m too old now.... I’ll never have that... I just want to be a little girly princess and just live without worries or stress but with that childlike happiness and wonder😔 I just have to hope someone out there wants to provide me and give me a chance at the life I wish I could have.

    I’m just a little princess looking for a caregiver. I typically am pretty clingy and want to live truly like royalty with my dom caring for me in almost every way. I want to have extremely long hair and very light skin with my dom helping with lotion and hair products to keep my hair and skin truly childlike. I also love pastel pink and would wear a variety of baby clothes including diapers and would like to have a insanely girly and pink room. I generally want to be as girly and little as possible whenever possible. That leads to my biggest request of my caregiver which would be for them to be responsible in supporting me in every way. Even financially. This is due to the fact that I basically want to be a true forever princess and live this way. I know it’s asking for a lot but I’m sure there’s someone out there looking for a 24/7 little princess to love and care for. Having a dom that can truly do everything and ease all of my stress and responsibilities would be absolutely astounding. Especially because I just lost my last dom..... I’m also a big nerd and enjoy video games and will definitely play them. Even in little space. I know I’m asking for a a lot and I understand. Only people who are willing to be truly determined and want to definitely have a clingy, needy, full time little should consider me. I’m looking for someone with I closeish age. Maybe like within 7-8 years of me. I’ll be a extremely loving princess. I love cuddles and making daddy happy and I’ll try my best to fulfill your needs. If I had to say, just consider me as a actual baby/toddler because that’s basically how I always want to be.

    If you are interested, add me as a friend here
    Or on kik. Username LittlePrincessLuna3 Or Snapchat username Little Luna

    My last account was deleted due to a misunderstanding between my last dom. This one is here to stay.

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    Posted 29 August 2019 - 05:57 AM

    Hello little Luna. I am interested in becoming your daddy if you would like. I think we could have a a good relationship. We share similar back grounds. I want a little I can care for and love. Who loves cuddles and wants loads of attention. I would like to get to know you. What's your Snapchat name? I didn't try little Luna but loads of accounts come up. Do have a better way of contacting yourself? Hope to hear from you 😘😘

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