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Unsure about CGL, but let's see where this forum takes me


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Hi, I'm a male switch-leaning-sub from Michigan! I'm in college for environmental science, have a passion for Monty Python, and have a wonderful Dom/boyfriend. We have a few rules, and I've been calling him Daddy since the beginning of our relationship, but neither of us act as anything but our biological ages. (I'm 18, he's about to turn 30.) We're both interested in aspects of CGL/ageplay. He likes to take on a very nurturing role, whereas I'm more interested in darker scenarios. CGL will likely never be central to our dynamic, but we want to learn as much as possible and I love the aesthetic and often enjoy cute/child-like things. He likely won't join this forum, or anything like this, but I hope to learn more about what appeals to me and then share that with him.

(Also, I wouldn't mind making friends with other subs/switches around my age c: )

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Welcome to the forum. You could be browsing for days or weeks, months?! There are lots of topics to cover and a types of DDlg/CGl dynamics, so many that I think you and your daddy just might mesh in more than you think. Welcome to the forum!
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